Steps to guarantee definitive healing:

Steps to guarantee definitive healing:

Preparation for receiving the Ancestral Healing Treatment.

Preparation to be able to participate in an Individual Ancestral Healing Retreat.

Preparation to apply for the Online Ancestral Healing Course.


  1. For people without addictions, prepare yourself by scrupulously following the guidelines described in “Ancestral Healing “In-Situ“.


  1. For people with addictions, follow the preparation described in”Do you want to get free from your addiction?“.


  1. An “in situ” treatment for those who need one after the preparation. Sometimes the person is healed or liberated after merely following the preparation steps.


  1. After the preparation or treatment, it is indispensable to continue reading the writings on transcendental knowledge (author’s notes and AtelTrainer books). Universal, secular knowledge, which helps each person to discover their own reason for their Existence in this World, from the deep feeling, where rational thoughts and knowledge naturally step back.

Ancestral Healing is only for people with the intention of living in harmony between all beings. 


People’s lifestyles and beliefs have led them to illness and disorders.


The Ancestral Healing Treatment allows healing and full liberation, but for it to be lasting, people, after the treatment, have to allow the “liberated innate seed – Essence” to emancipate itself through a lifestyle in harmony with the Existence (transcendental union). 


The transcendental reading and training help to make this change natural, pleasant, allowing oneself to be surprised by Existence. This is living.

Healing Periods:

Depending on the person, healing can manifest itself in different ways.


  • During the preparation (in which case no on-site treatment is necessary).
  • Immediately after the treatment.
  • The next day after a night’s sleep.
  • Progressively, during the next days and weeks as required by mind-body of patients, and their post-treatment relaxed practices (by continuing to read the writings on transcendental knowledge – author’s notes and Ateltrainer books, and put them into practice on a daily basis in one’s own way).


What can prevent someone from their definitive healing?

Having lied in their preparation. A lack of sincerity with oneself and with others. No one can hide from one’s own Existence.


Not having followed the steps in the preparation and post-treatment.


The mind of an addicted person, who upon reaching the turning point between liberation or addiction, decides in the end to continue with its addictions and destructive lifestyle. Everything is a choice from the intention. Each person is responsible for they own existence.

A “sensitive” person, especially a child, who is living in an unbalanced, selfish or violent family will not be well.  These good and empathetic people are emotional sponges. They depend on the harmony of their environment (family, society) to feel good. These people are vulnerable in our selfish and aggressive society, but they are very prepared for the New World that is coming, because of their native gifts of living in transcendental union and harmony.

Parents are the greatest source of traumas and imbalances in their children.  As parents heal, children heal.

Children depend on the protection and sincere affection of their parents, tutors, to grow up liberated.

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