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Union between all beings

Every being is born on a wonderful planet!

A blue planet which, since millions of years ago, shelters the light of life and travels in the darkness of the mysterious Universe towards the destiny of everyone and the origin of everything.


which embellish the landscape while regulating the climate.

They channel rainwater and melting snow towards the underground pure water reserves.


at the foot of mountains and hills they offer fertile land for agriculture and farming.

Seas and oceans,

are the great saltwater deposit which covers 70% of the surface of the planet and that is supplied by the rivers and oceanic rain.

The good health of seas and oceans is vital for keeping the balance of life on Earth.

They are the source of creation of clouds and rains through their evaporation. And also, the biggest producers of oxygen and absorption of CO2.


isolated lands in the middle of the seas which submerge us into a world of dreams and new scenery.  


who, with their waters, hydrate the fauna and flora on the surface of the Earth, until they reach the sea for the end or the beginning of the water cycle.

The underground rivers,

which bring filtered water to any place on Earth, are the veins and the arteries of the planet that accumulate and distribute the potable water reserves which human activity is emptying through their irrational usage.


fresh water reservoirs on the surface of the planet which foster aquatic life in their depths and on their shores. Places of peace and tranquility.

Wonderful and mysterious forests,

in whose silence are protected our friends who need our help to take back their stolen lands.

Forests, lungs of the planet, share oxygen and filter CO2, vital for life on Earth.

The forests, armies of trees, at times millenary, love us and care for the planet and the climate. Forests are the sponges which maintain humidity, feeding the aquifers.

The deserts,

vast expanses of fine and pure sand which travels at the speed of the dunes that the winds push towards a faraway horizon.

Deserts are places of silence where life expresses itself delicately and with great adaptation.

The deserts, full of mysteries, regulate the air circulation between the poles, controlling thus the thermal processes of the planet.

This planet is the home of all of the beings which inhabit this paradise of the universe, human beings, fauna and flora.

There are no borders, no barriers, no limits in nature.

There are only topographic reliefs which we can climb or circumvent.

There are only seas and rivers which we can cross.

Nature doesn’t stop the free circulation of the beings that inhabit the planet. But, generally, each being is adapted to the land it was born on.

In the respect of the environment and of each other, there is no need for borders.

However, mankind has created the borders which divide the planet into countries.

Borders conquered through a thousand battles and wars of sovereignty.

Borders are the first great division of humanity, the origin of conflicts and wars, both nowadays and in the past.

Borders are the first planet-wide manifestation of human beings’ selfishness which seeks power and riches, and which created them to protect itself from neighboring villages, because our civilization is based on fear.

The second great division, was that of religions and beliefs which materialized intolerance and violence.

It is in this world that we, human beings, have been born, generation after generation. A world divided by borders, religions and beliefs.

In this divided environment, natural to human beings for being born in it, we encourage other divisions, such as that of gender, ethnicity, ideologies and beliefs, politics, economic interests, sport fanaticism, and so on and so forth.

Nonetheless, the biggest division which causes suffering and destroys the planet is that of the rich and the poor.

Climate change and the proven non-viability of the worldwide economic system, open the door to the need for a great change on a global scale.

Every change is preceded by something new.

This change is caused by the broken balance between Nature and humanity.

The existential mistake made by human beings since times past, is due to the thousand interpretations that have been made about Existence and due to the divisions between people.

The sole solution, which is already falling into place, is the union between every Being of the planet, so that the New World can establish itself.

Pandemics, climate change are the forces put into motion by Existence to reestablish the lost balance. To resist, is to suffer!


“Union between all Beings” Far from all religions and beliefs…

Weare, Alain Tello Robledo, Founder of AtelTrainer, isolated from society for numerous years, in coherent connexion with his Heart-Essence and Nature published in December 2021 the concept of Beingism, whose definition is: “Union between all Beings”. “Beings” meaning: humans, animals, flora, Nature and the entities of other dimensions. Link click here!

He also published the manuscript of the New World – Coming very soon! Link click here!

In 2016, Alain published the author’s note “Universal Message”, informing that from 2021 and 2022 onwards, would begin the great transcendental change. Sharing also that mental selfishness would completely disappear from this world in 2041, to live in harmony between all Beings. Link click here!

Thank you.

Weare, Alain Tello Robledo, Founder of AtelTrainer

And the AtelTrainer Team

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