Science and its limitations

Science’s limitations open the door to Universal Medicine, Ancestral Healing.


The search for knowledge has been, since the ancient civilisations to the present day, the most desired topic to ensure the welfare of mankind.  


Through science, mankind tries to explain the mechanisms of the Universe and of Existence itself, mainly to improve humanity’s quality of life, and to guarantee the future of new generations.  


Science, as the mechanism that organises and classifies knowledge by following the methodology of observation and experimentation, is based on posing demonstrable questions to draw conclusions, and thus create hypotheses, principles and scientific laws.


Science tries to explain what already exists in the Universe.  A universe that Mr. Albert Einstein, considered the most important scientist of the twentieth century, after a long scientific career full of theories and numerous contributions to theoretical physics, said: <<< The most brilliant mind will never be able to explain the mechanisms of the Universe >>>. 

Albert Einstein, in an act of utmost sincerity and humility, at the end of his life experience, showed where the limits of the scientific mind were, opening the door to the inexplicable but which is still as tangible as the movements of the planets and of Existence itself.  


Science is based on rationality and verifiable evidence. That is, it uses the intellect, the mind, to try to understand and explain everything.


Science has become the voice of absolute truth that dictates right and wrong. 


Today, if a piece of knowledge does not have the backing of Science, it is worthless. It is equivalent to saying that what cannot be demonstrated according to science’s rules is worthless, when the mission of Science is to explain what already exists in the Universe. It is like closing the door to superior knowledge, and guiding humanity with interpretations of the inexplicable but true. 


What is more important, the interpretations of Science or what really exists in the Universe-Existence?


Science makes decisions by analysing only what it can see and understand from the five known senses, being able to observe only the tip of the iceberg (visible part) of the actions of Existence and the Universe. But even the most acute of minds will never be able to understand the why of things, much less the transcendental meaning of everything.


Undoubtedly, science has helped through technological advances, and in modern medicine, which in the hands of politicians and private interests, serves both for the welfare of people, to repair broken bones, to remove tumours, to alleviate symptoms, as well as to create technology to kill as weapons of mass destruction.  

The Planet is dying due to the actions of human beings, and instead of all humanity uniting to eliminate the global threat, centralising all scientific efforts and world resources to undo the evil caused to the ecosystems and recover the global and vital balance, unimaginable sums of resources and public and private money are invested to finance the space race to colonise the galaxy, especially the planet Mars, in order to prepare so that a few chosen ones can escape from our endangered planet. Too many apocalyptic science fiction novels condition human neurons. When it is only necessary to change the model of life and values so that all Beings can live in harmony and unimaginable fullness on our wonderful planet Earth, “New Consciousness”. More information “The New World“.


Science says that there are as many realities as there are human minds. This is true for Science (psychology), but it is false on the transcendental level. For example, the Sun can be described, interpreted, or appreciated differently according to each person, but on the transcendental level where there is no room for interpretation, the Sun is the Sun for everyone. Just as each person tasting a glass of the same water, will value it differently according to their perceptions, some will find it tasteless, others flat, others hard, sweet, some will like it, some won’t, but the glass of water is the same for everyone, hydrating them all equally on a cellular level, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not.


Human minds interpret and draw conclusions from their perceptions, conditioned by their beliefs, interests, customs and experiences, moving away from the transcendental truth of things of the Universe that can only be understood from the non-rational without any interested or unconscious interpretation.


The absolute truth that Science longs for, is impossible on the transcendental level. 


Absolute truth is like the photo of an instant, which a moment later has changed.


Absolute truth is changeable in the same way that the Universe expands. 


Yesterday’s truth will be less true than tomorrow’s truth. 


Medical Science is indispensable to repair human and animal bodies through surgery, since the body is something that can be seen and touched.


But Medical Science which focuses on treating diseases and disorders can only alleviate the easily visible symptoms but rarely cure their source, since the most powerful microscope in the world can never see the reason and the deep origin of diseases, as the existential energy cannot be perceived by the five human senses, even the most acute ones.


Science speaks of life and death. But beyond life there is the Energy that gives life, and it is not life. 


The more minds try to rationally study the origin of the causes, the stronger the magnetic field that is generated above the head becomes, this is because of the activation of the brain hemispheres, thus blocking the seventh chakra, which prevents each cell of the body, the immune system, and organs of the human body to fully receive the Energy that gives them life to continue functioning at 100%.  I explain it in detail in my fourth book “Transcendental Love, Ancestral Healing“.


Science has made a classification of foods according to their function, origin, composition and nutrients, determining what is healthy and unhealthy. But it cannot pay attention to the “Energy” that accompanies food. 


Healthy produce which became impregnated with a “bad energy in its harvesting, handling, etc.” will be more harmful to health than one considered not-so-good but which was harvested, handled, processed, transported, sold, in a harmonious manner and environment. 


The most important nutrient of food is the invisible energy that envelops it and is ingested in the same way as its physical form.


The worst food in the world is the lack of food.


Mr. Masaru Emoto (Japan), who, last century, clearly demonstrated with the help of a microscope and photography, that water has memory, was silenced by Science, which considered that his work was pseudoscientific and violated the laws of physics. Why? 

Was his discovery a danger for humanity, or was it a danger for the rectors of Science, who weren’t able to explain it with their methodology, or was it because Mr. Masaru did not have a scientific degree to back up his work? Or to avoid that people can perceive the conditioned limits of Science?


National and international organisations regulate scientific advances, deciding what has scientific value and what does not. 

This situation is equivalent to saying that attention is paid only to what can be demonstrated or understood at a rational level. But both, the Universe and the Existence, operate in dimensions opposed to rational, mental understanding. The mind will never be able to “understand” the Source of the Universe. 

Hence, every day there are more and more sick people in the World. More and more people have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses that require lifelong treatment to alleviate the symptoms of their ailments. The others, supposedly healthy people, seek to appease their imbalances and torments through addictions and distractions of all kinds. 


All of humanity lives in the loop of disease, fear and disorders, because the seventh chakra, that I explain in my fourth book “Transcendental Love, Ancestral Healing”, is blocked.


As children, we recover more easily from bone and muscle injuries because, at an early age, almost 100% of the neuromuscular recovery mechanisms are activated. These mechanisms are progressively reduced as the years go by. This is due to the fact that children are educated to develop only the rational part of themselves, forcing them to study in order to have a good job so they can earn money, to be accepted and happy. They are taught to move away from spontaneity and forced to think carefully about what they say and do. In this process of the development of the intellect since childhood, the mental shield that blocks the seventh chakra is strengthened, resulting in a society which is increasingly sick since childhood. More information in the author’s note on “Good and Evil“, section “Education”.


All my writings, “author’s notes” and books have been written from my social isolation, my retreat for many years, embraced by the silence of the Valley of Hortunas, Spain, to discover and share a knowledge that belongs to all of us equally. To help balance reign again in this wonderful planet that is dying because of human beliefs, habits and actions.


As a “Beingist” person (Union of all Beings), far from all spirituality and religions, I speak with total certainty of a 100% effective healing if the person is prepared to transcend. Many people have already been healed and freed from diseases that science cannot find a solution to, not even alleviate their unknown symptoms. 


I appeal to the Science of human knowledge to drop its attachments, and to open up and join the complementary Universal knowledge for the sake of global evolution.


In my fifth book “The New World” published in November 2021, I emphasise the importance of the deep union between Scientific Medicine and Universal Medicine – Ancestral Healing, which is complementary. 


This union is the key to recover the health of people, wildlife and the Planet. 

The future AtelTrainer Foundation’s main objective is to create transcendental and veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout the world. They are complementary to Scientific Medicine, and their main mission will be to collaborate with the former and help where it cannot reach.


The main objective of these transcendental clinics and hospitals will be the healing of children and young people with cerebral palsy, blindness, cancer, as well as the recovery after the extraction of brain tumours, without forgetting the fauna and ecosystems, indisputable protagonists of the existential balance on this planet.


I am open to explain and demonstrate the mechanisms and actions of Ancestral Healing to groups of Scientists. Ancestral Healing has healed me, and many other people, of asthma, allergies, generalised anxiety, bad eyesight.  


Many people from the public health system (doctors, nurses and pharmacists) have visited me to receive the unique ancestral treatment and have been healed. But they cannot share their experience for fear of retaliation from the public health system.


Ancestral Healing is based on a language that the mental senses cannot “connect” to. Any sensitive, liberated and prepared person can learn how to communicate with the Essence of the patient to heal them. It cannot be rationally understood, but I can explain it to Science by demonstrating it in another way. 


Science has created its own “Club with admission rights” in order to guarantee the seriousness of knowledge. It is people who regulate the discoveries to classify them of scientific interest, or not, in order to seek the applicable reliability.


The evolution of Science itself depends on the courage and sincerity of these scientific people. I have knocked on many doors of Scientific contacts, but I am denied audience, perhaps for proposing something that the mind cannot understand, even is afraid to approach, what is communication with higher Energies. 


When unexplainable things happen they are often labeled as luck, chance, mystery, miracle. But these things happen for many different reasons. There is nothing random in the Universe.


My patients who have been healed of diseases and disorders that science labeled incurable have had a response of rejection or indifference when sharing their healing with their doctors. 


When the human mind has been built around so many years of studies, learning knowledge taught by others, it is difficult for it to open up to the possibility that there is something powerful and 100% effective to heal, in this case allowing transcendental knowledge to be complementary. 


Science should reflect on the fact that it has not been able to prevent humanity from becoming more and more ill at an increasingly early age, nor prevent the rapid spread of chronic diseases, nor the fact that more than 150 species disappear every day due to human action, that ecosystems are dying, that global warming is the biggest symptom which shows that the Earth is in agony and preparing for a great change to recover the lost balance, where the big losers will be humans. 


It is time for the indispensable Science to join the transcendental knowledge that transcends any Scientific knowledge. Science united to the knowledge of Existence is the key to Universal Medicine to revert the destruction of the planet for the revitalisation of the ecosystems and the plenitude of people, living in harmony among all Beings.


I have long spoken of 2021 and 2022 as the years of great change for humanity. There is no time to lose. The union of intentions is so important for the Energy who gives life that Science will never be able to understand rationally.  


For the sake of the All, the union of intentions is the first step for liberating actions, for removing the obstacles that stuck the evolution of Humanity and of the Planet. The growing life expectancy that Existence offers us is meaningless if societies live with their backs to Existence itself.


It is a call of union between all Beings and knowledge. 

We all share the same transcendental destiny living on the same Planet who navigates at full speed through the known and unknown Universes. 


My words and actions are so spontaneous that my mind finds itself participating in my life mission (union of “Mind-Body-Heart-Essence). May it be so for all of you.


More than understanding my words as you read or listen to them, I wish you to feel what my writings move deep in your hearts when you surrender to my words. I use the same words but I speak another language.  


Thank you!


Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo


Founder of AtelTrainer

Tel./WhatsApp: 0034 655 40 10 

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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