Raphaëlle Dessein

Some energies pushed me to Alain’s transcendental healing retreat. I needed to disconnect. In fact, I needed connect to myself again, without really realizing it. I needed to discover and unleash my inner energy & capabilities.


I was afraid at first, in fact I realized it was fear of revealing myself. Letting go of my apprehension, truly trust & abandon myself in this experience was the hardest step I had to pass due to our troubled lives. I wish I had been fully into it from day one, instead of letting my fears block me, and give all my trust in Alain.


Alain is devoted to his yogis and spiritual practices, I loved each piece of the daily rituals we had, from our restorative breakfasts contemplating the sun raising, to our morning and night meditations, meals prepared together, our spiritual discussions about life, our healing yoga sessions until our night walks. I loved our Taoist walks, helping on the garden, the smell of the wood in the house, the authentic caravan, the valley. These seven little days were in another timeframe, in another universe. Your inner universe. It made me rethink a lot of my habits, spirituals, food-related, & behavioral.


This unbelievable week is in my heart and my mind every week since then. It was a deeply powerful experience I will remember all my life, and that I recommend it to everyone prepared to transcend. You will reveal yourself.


Raphaëlle Dessein.   03/2019

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