People with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility

The AtelTrainer Beingist Center of Ancestral Healing, located in the middle of the small and isolated Valley of Hortunas, Spain, due to its terrain with steep slopes and gravel roads required by the administration because of its location in an area of special protection for birds (ZEPA) and ecological value, found it difficult to accommodate people with reduced mobility who wanted to receive treatments.

But we have obtained the DIC (declaration of community interest), where we have sought to find a solution to be able to cater to people with reduced mobility and allow them to receive the Beingist treatments that we offer here. 

We have built an adapted WC/changing-room entirely by ourselves:

We have adapted one of the 4 treatment cabins with a ramp.

We have reserved a parking space next to the accessible treatment cabin, with gravel but leveled pavement.

We have also created a wheelchair-accessible toilet paper incinerator to support the Center’s ecological wastewater treatment plant which recycles its black and gray waters.

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The intention of the AtelTrainer family, once it obtains the expected significant financial resources, is to create Transcendental Centers and Clinics in cities around the world to facilitate the transmission of the Beingist transcendental knowledge that belongs to all of us, far from religions and beliefs, whose purpose is to facilitate access to ancestral Beingist treatments to the most needy and vulnerable people.

With the resources to come, the AtelTrainer family plans to create the AtelTrainer Foundation and expand it nationally and internationally, to be able to offer, as much as possible, their treatments free of charge to people and beings in need.

As of today, AtelTrainer already offers a free online protocol on how to release and heal oneself in preparation to receive the ancestral treatment, which is already helping many people from all continents. Many people, just by practicing the preparation protocol, have been freed and healed without needing any on-site treatment. Some have had the courage to share their experience to help us in our struggle to transmit the transcendental knowledge that belongs to all of us, far from religions and limiting beliefs, for a better World to come, whose manuscript was published at the end of 2021.

People with physical disabilities can also request an online treatment if their condition or geographical distance makes it impossible for them to come to the Center. For more information, click here!

Treatments by appointment only.

Thank you and transcendental love hug to you!


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