Past and Conscience

In life, only actions are important, more important than words.


Words are forgotten, blown by the wind.


Good deeds are best remembered by those who have enjoyed them.


Bad actions will be remembered every day by the Consciences of those who have performed them, releasing torment and suffering until the last breath of their Existence.


The Conscience is the memory that activates the Essence-Heart to guide actions for the good of the All.


Good and evil do not exist.  There are only good and bad actions.

Those who don’t live according to their own existential intention, for not daring to know one’s own Essence-Heart, for not knowing what one represents in the Universe, the Planet Earth where one lives, for not deeply feeling the meaning of Existence, open the door to the bad actions that will activate the Conscience’s power which steals people’s inner peace. As a result, an ego-mind that only seeks its own protection and well-being will grow, seeking to move away from the voice of the Conscience, this being its consequences: fears, anxieties, addictions and some diseases.


In the transcendental Union between all Beings and the Planet, the memory of the past will be transformed into a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the continuous future, which is the present.


To live from the intention and vocation of the Essences is to free the conscience of all feelings of guilt in order to be able to say goodbye to this world, when the moment it arrives, in freedom, plenitude, and with gratitude.

Living in such a way that the Conscience is day after day an empty room, keeps people healthy and free.


Do not go to bed without first connecting with the feeling of union with the All and, if need be, cleansing the room of your Conscience with forgiveness.





Alain Tello Robledo


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“Alain Tello Robledo”


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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