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It is commonly said not to judge, that judging is bad.

But deep down you are invited to not judge for fear of being judged.
The mechanisms of the mind are those that judge and compare endlessly. They sometimes do it as a distraction to always remain busy or to think themselves superior, “Ego”.

This is how it works, but each person is free to follow their thoughts or judgments, or to choose to not pay attention to them and feel what they need to do and not do, to say and not say.

Don’t judge me! It is the same as saying, let me do what I want.
Everyone is free to do what they want, but without interfering with the balance of interaction with the environment and with others. Not only with human beings.

There are actions that do not affect others directly, but they do affect the transcendental balance of the All.

When a person feels bad, they go to a therapist to seek help in freeing themselves from thousands of barriers. The desperate patient invites the therapist to reveal their unwanted insides so they can evaporate and they are once again able to live in peace and harmony. In this case the therapist does not judge, but offers help and guidance instead. For the honest therapist, “judging” changes into “analyzing”.

The purity of intentions is the key! We can do whatever we want, if we do not harm ourselves in the short or long term, other beings or nature.

But when the mind thinks it has obtained the answer and solution to its problems or thinks that it knows everything, the words of the therapist or of the honest teacher are interpreted as judgment. Selfishness closes the door to liberating growth when the Ego gets what it desires. This is the result of transcendental ignorance when the mind believes it possesses the truth, even if the Transcendental truth never stops growing and changing in every moment.

The “great truth” of today is the “little truth” of tomorrow!

Forests and fields ask to be judged endlessly by Mother Earth. “Nature” judges us endlessly. When the earth judges that there is drought, sooner or later, for the sake of its children, it rains.

Beings are judged by the “energy of the Universe” for their own good. But people feel criticized (self-criticism) when they have lost their connection with the balance of existence, or are criticized by their peers for being different from the crowd, for harming others or themselves.

Dependence and sensitivity to what others may think of oneself, create the feeling of being judged.

Essences judge minds’ behavior with the intention of living in harmony for the sake of the All. It is the voice of the conscience.
Anxieties and depressions are signs that we haven’t paid attention to the voice of the essence, because of our ignorance.

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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