The special race to find other habitable planets confirms that we have always believed that the solution is in the outer Space”, beyond our galaxy. Science is starting to discover this enormous internal universe…Our brain…conceals an inconceivable power.

We already know that our heart has its own neurons…

My modest contribution is the “excitement” of being able to open the first AtelTrainer Centre in the middle of nature, offering classes, courses, and programmes to help and support our complete development (body and mind), using “the Art of Living” Sport … “The Art of Movement” as a tool. We can call it a humanistic sports centre. Each euro I save with my book sales and other services goes to the funding of this project.

So now you know, buying and disseminating “the AtelTrainer Method (Psycho-Fitness Holistic)” will directly fund this centre.

Whatever the world we live in, whatever the society we live in…we can’t change this reality…the AtelTrainer Centre will use the resources from this society to improve our physical, emotional and social well-being using “the Art of Living” sport…”the Art of Moving”, putting my mark on creating a fairer society, freer in the four cardinal points of the planet, united by common sense and wanting to share our happiness. There is only space for philosophical beliefs.

The marvellous blue planet is our spaceship which unceasingly transverses the infinite outer space as our celestial sea … and all of us are its crew…destinations are shared and are everybody’s…we need each other!

We are all disciples of our inner being.

Thank you!
Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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