Hell, defined as the underworld for many religions. A place where the souls of sinners are tortured eternally after their death. The Catholic Church affirms its existence and its eternity as a place where “the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend”.


It is not necessary to wait to die to go to hell. Human beings, from their intellect, from their inculcated selfishness, have turned people’s lives into hell during their process of evolution.

When mankind took its first steps in this world, it got everything it needed from nature itself: food, water and shelter. They enjoyed feeling alive and free every day. The Ancestors were grateful for the generosity of Mother Earth, valuing and appreciating every piece of food offered, happy to be able to feel the caress of the sun on their skin at every dawn. They sighed and surrendered, without thinking, to the mystery of life, of tomorrow. They found their satisfaction in lending a hand to their neighbours in need, with the most sincere and reciprocal smiles. They actively contributed to the balance of nature. They lived! They loved!

Unfortunately, humanity has evolved towards selfishness. Human mind has moved away from its own conscience.

Human beings, starting with superstitions, religions, then politics, social and intellectuals classes, have created a system that annuls the freedoms of almost all people and beings on the planet, except for a minority who enrich their selfishness to live in the abundance that rots their consciences. The more they steal the freedoms of other beings and ecosystems of the planet, the more they enrich the poverty of their souls.  

All beings in this world have food and water in abundance in order to live free and in harmony. But societies bargain with these naturally provided goods, creating abundance for a minority and hardship for the majority. 

Politicians and civil servants, who are supposed to serve the people, are becoming more numerous, with more job perks, lifetime salaries and life annuities. They maintain a complex, selfish, inefficient and unnecessary bureaucratic system, which we all have to pay for.

Before, politicians and civil servants worked at the service of the people, they were vocational activities. Now, it is the citizen who works to maintain governments and civil servants, who enjoy lifelong salaries, labor and social privileges. 

In these times of crisis and great change for humanity, the globalised hell suffered by millions of people, enslaved to pay more and more taxes to maintain the unbalanced system of governments and officials, comes to light.

Hell is here if you don’t pay your taxes. Jail awaits you, sleeping under a bridge, begging in the streets, or dying in a war at the hands of power-hungry neighbouring rulers. 

Most Third World beings live 24 hours a day in “human hell”, with wars, direct slavery, rape, human and organ trafficking being their daily living environment.

People who subjugate the masses through fear in order to enrich and dominate, will suffer the horrible awakening of their consciences, hell, 5 minutes before they die, lamenting the evils they have caused. They will feel these 5 minutes as eternal hell, lamentations reigning over their last thoughts. 

Only the body-mind of a good person, whose intentions of union and sincerity have guided through the years, will sleep every night in peace, and after a thousand adventures lived, will leave liberated, living their last 5 minutes of life as an eternity of gratitude and deep understanding.

The adult human being, from its collective ignorance, is turning this wonderful Planet into a graveyard for the Ecosystems, and for the future of its children, of the future generations. An unprecedented hell for our friends the wild animals and flora that do so much to maintain the transcendental balance of Life on Earth ♥︎

All of humanity lives in uncertainty and fear of being punished by the power of a dominant minority. This is hell.

The underworld is created by the human mind as the source of all fear, for better manipulation of the masses.

There is no hell in the free heart of good people.

Fear is hell.

Fear is the source of all disease and aggressiveness.

Existential ignorance is guilty of all evils.

The New World, published in November 2021, shares the foundations of a united and free humanity, enjoying full health and harmony, for a better world for all.


Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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