Many people have already been healed and liberated by conscientiously following the steps of preparation to the single ancestral treatment, and have not needed the In-Situ treatment, saving them from paying for consultation and travel.

In this case, we invite you to help us to continue, buying the 6 Ateltrainer books and sharing your experience, here, and in Google.


The purchase and reading of the AtelTrainer’s books and author’s notes will help you to secure your liberation forever, and will help us to continue sharing.

All the resources obtained go entirely to the AtelTrainer Foundation to create transcendental clinics in the World, sharing knowledge that belongs to all of us.


Thank you,

Alain Tello Robledo


We need to open up to the World urgently for the sake of the Whole ❤️

You are part of the great change that has already begun ♥︎

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