Good morning transcendental friends,

Good morning transcendental friends,

Over the years I have lovingly shared with you the good news and author’s notes about the Beingist transcendental knowledge that were written through my hand, which have helped many of you to free yourselves and heal from emotional disorders and illnesses, or simply to feel better.

On the website, I freely share the preparation protocol for the Beingist Ancestral Healing Treatment that every day is helping many people for free , without the need for an on-site or online treatment.

Those who know me personally, know that I have no secrets and I am exactly the way I appear in my writings and audios, being free of fears and personal interests, being far away from religions, known spirituality and beliefs…

Let me tell you: 

Since the end of June, I have had to stop all on-site activities at the AtelTrainer Center in Hortunas, Spain, due to a cause of force majeure, cutting off all possibility of income.

In July we had to change the piping of our well, as it was rusting and affecting the quality of the water we consume, for another stainless steel one whose price was so high that I had to take a personal loan for having exhausted all the economic resources we had available for the construction of the Center by ourselves. The worst thing is that the well, fundamental pillar for the viability of the Center and the future Aire Verde mountain hostel and transcendental clinics, the only well in the Valley, whose pure water I found 8 years ago, with a capacity of 7 liters per second, 604,800 liters per day, has simply disappeared.

Next week a company is going to carry out some gauging tests to find out if we can have a minimum of water and be able to continue.

I hope that the next message will be with good news for all of us, since everything we do is for this world, hand in hand with the universal knowledge that unites all Beings. 

The economic resources expected from the international sales of the 14 books written from another dimension for the good of all, do not arrive. Surely for transmitting words of change that are too scary for the people anchored to the system that we all know. The unknown is scary and my words open the door to a world yet to be discovered.

Many of you will know that all that is happening in the World today, I already published it in 2016 through the universal message, which spoke of 2021 and 2022 as the beginning of irreversible change and 2041 as the date of a united and harmonious World among all Beings.

I invite you to help us by sharing your experience to the world, hoping that it will help with the sale of the books to finance another well, the AtelTrainer Foundation, uniting Scientific Medicine and Ancestral Beingist Healing that hopefully one day will become a reality.

I also inform you that since a year ago I am receiving an enormous “energetic” pressure in my head, difficult to bear, that two CAT scans have not found the origin of, but….

After almost 62 years in this world, I am prepared to continue changing my walk without hesitation. Tears and knots in my stomach will not stop me from doing what I have to do, say and not say, beyond my dreams, guided by my Heart-Intuition.

How important are the most basic things: water, food, shelter and love!

I wish you patience for the change that has begun, peace to free your hearts, health to live long years of harmony and adventures, and soon to be able to hug you from harmonious union. ❤️

Thank you and a hug of transcendental love.

Weare – Alain Tello Robledo – Beingist

Founder of AtelTrainer


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