Good and evil

Good and evil,


does not exist!  It is invented!


Definition of good according to the French dictionary Larousse:

What a moral rule prescribes, as opposed to what it condemns…

Definition of evil according to the French Larousse dictionary:

That which is contrary to good, to virtue; that which is condemned by morality…


Since time immemorial, many philosophers and thinkers have addressed this question which manipulates, judges the actions and behaviours of other individuals, and of oneself.


The morality of good and evil is created by the human mind, which is the core of the rules that govern social movements. It is the source of all irrational fears.


Religious beliefs have accentuated the need for good and evil to direct believers to God…


Non-religious beliefs still have the roots of those same beliefs buried deep in their genes (DNA), though they are masked by a more or less superficial secularism.


The morality of good and evil has displaced the regulatory power of common sense. 


Common sense is hidden behind so much rational knowledge, and it only manifests itself in rhetoric and advices, but not to harmonise the thoughts and actions of dubious people. 


Today’s actions are controlled by so many norms and values based on the morality of good and evil. 


In any case, the sense of right and wrong is the source of all irrational fears, whatever they may be.


Human evolution has advocated for the evolution of the mind, and has forgotten the importance of cultivating the connection with the energy that gives life to bodies and minds (intuition).


Since the dawn of humanity, the search for fame and power, to protect oneself from others and from existence itself, has developed the morality of good and evil to control other people through religions and pagan beliefs in the past, and nowadays through worldly beliefs and social movements.

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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