Generous Selfishness

Generous Selfishness


Selfishness creates and strengthens people


Just giving and not wanting to receive, empties people


Good intentions in giving, receiving and sharing reinforces the group


Just receiving and not wanting to give, fattens


The one who doesn’t want to receive is as selfish as the one who doesn’t want to give


Giving is generosity


Giving when you wait for something in return is more than selfishness


Evolution towards balanced selfishness



I think of me and only me


Towards unity

I think about me and then I also think about you



I think of us both at the same time



Giving is receiving and receiving is giving


            Without selfishness we wouldn’t be able to give the best of ourselves


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Alain Tello Robledo

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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