The best marketing school in the world will never be able to beat the plans of a good gardener.

Gardeners select their best seed to plant them in the soil. Each seed is planted, full of hope, for the gardener to harvest the plants in the short term, for the following day, for the next spring, for the following year.

Gardeners plant many seeds, as not all of them will grow. The variety and amount of seeds will depend on its survival.

Ancient knowledge makes gardeners aware that although they plant the best seeds in the best soil, there are many other factors which influence the result of the harvest.

The gardener farms, waters and cuts back the crops, leaving them at the mercy of the weather.

When a tree is planted, it will grow after decades and the gardener will fill the whole of humanity with hope.

If our happiness was a flower, we would be its seed.


Alain Tello Robledo
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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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