I am a little bird called Titi.

I live in a golden cage with plenty of food and water.

My “owners” often open the door to my cage to let me enjoy the immense room where a Cornstalk Dracaena, serves as a palm tree… Such freedom!

One time, during one of my little outings, I found the window that overlooks a sunny street, open wide. I perched myself on the edge of said window, looking up to the immensity of the bright blue sky. I had never seen anything so big. I was fascinated. The soft and warm breeze that came through the window, softly massaged my feathers.
I had never imagined a freedom greater than being outside my golden cage… Many contradictory thoughts filled my mind… do I jump into the unknown, fascinating and mysterious world or do I stay where I feel comfortable…? Fear took over me and I returned, flying low and quick, to my safe and pretty golden cage.

To the end of my days I remembered as a dream that immense blue sky and the soft feel of the breeze on my feathers.

Freedom has a price… Titi didn’t dare to pay it; not because he didn’t want to, just because his fears stopped him.

Your friend,
Alain Tello Robledo

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