Feminine and Masculine Energy

Feminine and Masculine Energy


Chapter of the second book “Zen Sport”


It seems to be a lot of information written on this topic, however, I wanted to share another level of consciousness between both genders, which is difficult to perceive from our primitive minds, if we don’t observe its existence from a higher level of knowledge…


Men and women, the feminine and the masculine, are much more than complementary energies, they are the necessary and essential energies for existence and non-existence itself.


Men and women are nourished with the same philosophical and non-philosophical energies, which fuel both poles of the planet and the universe’s balance.


As I explain in another section, we are entering a new age in which humanity is given a longer life expectancy. Most adults will have fulfilled their mission to perpetuate their kind during their first stage of life and fearfully await for old age to begin…


Men and women are quite different, physically, psychologically, emotionally, intuitively and maybe even spiritually. However, these differences have been greatly expanded by our primitive macho culture, the culture of man, and by religions…


Both men and women are conditioned to interpret and assume the role the has been programmed for them since ancient civilizations; cyclic source of happiness, pleasure, pain and suffering.

This powerful mechanism for procreation, to prevent the extinction of our species, that is the same for any other animal, from the most common cockroach to the most advanced human, is still a direct or indirect source of aggressiveness and pain.


Nowadays, the survival of humanity will be in danger due to environmental hazards and our warlike selfishness, if we continue this primitive instinct without undertaking the necessary changes that humankind requires.


The planet is increasingly overpopulated and contaminated, and therefore, nature is paying dearly…we are a part of nature…


Physical or artistic activities (non-commercial) allow both men and women to learn how to discover and enjoy another level of conscience. The aforesaid level is just sharing and enjoying creative energy which requires both feminine and masculine aspects, beyond intimacy and mechanisms of procreation.


This level of consciousness makes both men and women feel each other’s inspiring harmony without any primary intention. During this phase, working on sporting and active meditation is important to learn how to dissociate from the animal trap. I don’t mean to say this new level of conscience will replace the intimacy of a couple; but it opens the door to a greater enjoyment outside of the bedroom…


More freedom and clearer thoughts to allow us to walk away from unnecessary suffering and prevent losing vital energy in looping distractions….

This level of consciousness also increases our sensitiveness in intimate relationships, allowing couples to reach a superior and conciliatory pleasure.


The simple presence of both energies can create a sensation of plenitude and expansion, if both parties are above the primitive level, without nullifying it.


Fragment of author’s note “Lover” …Sincere friendship between a man and women: love of the soul



Enjoying this level of relationship requires effort on both parts. It doesn’t work if only one person is doing all the work… therefore communication and “practical” philosophical maturity is required of both genders.


I insist. I am not referring to the power of mutual attraction that nature initiates with hormones to fulfil the perpetuity of their kind through a primitive instinct which I commented on earlier.


I am referring to a conciliatory, fraternal, maternal, spiritual, harmonious, creative, inspiring energy which develops above our primitive instinct without overriding it. This energy lets human beings enjoy an immense freedom by allowing them not to depend on the libido to be with the opposite gender, without any other intention than sharing and growing harmoniously… Without jealousy or control… just freedom and profound respect, team spirit… being TRUE equals… For this equality to be true, said mutual respect and philosophy of the new era, need to be the same for both genders with the utmost spiritual sincerity.


…enjoying primary instincts without allowing them to rule humanity… 


Men convey a more “active” action.


Women convey a more “passive” action.


Both of them transmit actions. There can’t be an active movement without a passive one nor a passive movement without an active one.

With true love, feminine and masculine energy transform into universal Light which illuminates with infinite generosity.


However, if we replace true love for selfish love, feminine and masculine energy generate emotional sparks and short-circuits…


 Two opposite poles are required for there to be light 


In modern society, men mingle with men and women with women.


Generally both genders mingle together by forming a couple (husband and wife) to start a family and have children, following their survival instinct and fulfilling the expectations enforced by society and family.


The fear of these instincts for not knowing the other level of consciousness is the reason for the limited relationship between men and women. Thereby losing the opportunity to reach a higher level of fulfillment through the universal balance. Life, the universe, hope for more from the masculine and feminine relationship.


It is said that women don’t think in the same way as men, but they feel the same as any being.


We are used to form relationships from the mind, from the thoughts, but the art of mingling harmoniously between people, in particular between a man and a woman, comes from the sincere feeling.


I’m aware that awakening this knowledge in today’s adults is difficult, but it is possible.


Children are born with a higher conscience… let’s not silence this natural wisdom with obsolete values…


It’s difficult, but humanity will only achieve stability by harmonizing both energies to unite and not divide…


Feminine and masculine energy is a characteristic of any sexual orientation. The physical appearance is not always a sincere reflection of the energy, masculine or feminine, which sustains it.


Nature expresses itself in all possible forms of union. Sincerity and acceptation of oneself and tolerance of others is the only way to avoid suffering.


Society labels people according to extremes, but the natural balance of life lies with tolerance, sincere respect of everything, uniting the body and the mind in all its forms and feelings.


The creative enjoyment and healing experience of the fusion of both energies does not belong only to the married couple, but also on embracing sincerely without intentions and sharing solemn moments with a friend,  with a stranger, with a companion, with nature…


Let’s practice physical activities as a couple, with our families, with our sons and daughters.


The AtelTrainer philosophy encourages the exchange of sporting and fun activities between generations of all genders and ages. This “distance” between girls and boys, adults and children, and the youth and the elderly is reduced. An elderly person will always have the strength and the desire to referee an inter-generational sports match, favoring the little ones, with a wink, and a smile full of complicity…


The sum of feminine, masculine, adult and young energies, strengthens the eager and conciliatory humankind… 


Chapter of the second book “Zen Sport”


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