Existential Slavery

Existential Slavery

Definition of slavery, according to the Spanish Royal Academy (translated to english): Situation of a person who permanently lacks rights, especially the fundamental rights of equality and freedom, because of a third party exercising all or some of the attributes of the right to property over them, reducing them to the condition of an object.

In the beginning of mankind, when human bodies were given life, people’s top priority was to seek food and water, and protection from the weather’s inclemencies.

Procreation (sexuality) was not a priority, but an obligation triggered by hormonal mechanisms to ensure the survival of the species.

The first men and women who walked the paths of uncertainty in this world were already slaves to their hormones.

The primary mechanism of procreation (sexuality) through hormones is the main element that steals the transcendental freedom of people, manipulating and conditioning their behaviour since the dawn of humanity.

Over the centuries, evolution has been based on the paradigm of power and social notoriety, to force others, to make life “easier, safer and more comfortable” for people who have managed to stand out to compel the masses. 


Whoever pays, commands! And whoever is ordered, works for the one that pays them.


This has to be differentiated from the leaders who share the resources obtained with people cooperating to achieve the same purpose: union among all beings for a just, harmonious and sustainable world.


The system that human evolution has developed from the greatest collective unconsciousness, allows a few people to forcibly gather the resources of all, to later redistribute them in exchange for impoverishing the freedoms of subservient people, where force and fear are rewarded.


Modern slaves have minds full of dreams and promises that never come true. They walk around lost, buying thousands of inculcated distractions which keep enlarging the bank accounts of modern enslavers. 


Modern slaves only hope to retire as soon as possible to be “free” from the labor system, to live months or years full of nostalgia and regrets of the past, surrounded by diseases and cognitive degeneration, until the final departure, sometimes in loneliness, suffering discrimination from society and the healthcare system, for being “old” and unproductive, for being a burden to the economic systems of governments.

Inculcated existential fears have forged the minds we know today, and little has changed from the past. 

Just as hormones enslave people to a greater or lesser extent, selfish people enslave men, women and children.

Direct and indirect subjugation is unfortunately a symbol of personal and professional success.

Although, regrettably, there is still forced and violent slavery in the world, such as child slavery, sexual slavery, human trafficking, “consensual” rape…


The supposedly democratic evolution of modern societies, which theoretically defends people’s freedoms, has designed another, subtler, type of slave: called “servant”, “soldier”, “employee”, depending of the system, and even sometimes “housewife”, etc.

The common point of all slavery is the direct or indirect fear of reprisal or punishment if one does not comply with the requirements of third parties, whether that be people or governments. 


🌿 The common point of non-slavery, is to have the unconditioned freedom of being able to freely make personal decisions without depending on anyone. Only respecting the transcendental common sense which is : <<< Do what you want, as long as you do not harm or bother anyone (people, animals and nature), starting with oneself >>>> Best explained in the V AtelTrainer book called “New World”. 🌿


All human beings are slaves. 


All beings are slaves of hormonal mechanisms. But in addition, others add the slavery of the economic and social system.

The chains of the past have been replaced by the fear of losing comfort, beyond one’s own life.

Hormones (sexuality) enslave human minds.


Thousands of drugs and addictions keep people away from their freedom.


Wrong beliefs enslave everyday actions.


People enslave other people and animals.


Spouses and children are sometimes dominated by a family member.


Governments condition and control their citizens.


Countries struggle to dominate other territories and cultures.


People without scruples or conscience seek to dominate the world.

The breeding ground for slavery is ignorance and fear.

This hellish and accepted struggle to dominate transcendental freedoms of others, fosters lost and fearful minds in people who live in the loop of mind hyper activation and anxiety, just as a quiet wild animal becomes enraged or depressed when locked in a cage.

Existential fear instilled from childhood by a manipulative society prepares people to live in conditional freedom “democratic slavery”.

The increasing lack of freedom of people generates fear, despair, anger, sadness and anxiety. This situation keeps the cerebral hemispheres active, blocking the passage of Vital Energy-Essence through the seventh chakra. The consequence is a society that is becoming increasingly sicker and sicker from a young age, because it is disconnected from Existence itself. 

Explained in detail in the fourth AtelTrainer book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing“.

Living from the Essences that unite all beings in the Universe immediately eradicates existential fears and mental dependencies, allowing to live in full harmony and health, a state that no mind can ever reach.


The great consciousness shift that is mentioned in AtelTrainer’s fifth book, entitled the “New World,” anticipates the wonderful world that awaits lost Humanity, has already begun. 


By 2041, the last dark shadow of human selfishness and evil will have completely disappeared from the face of the earth.


Alain Tello Robledo


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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