Excerpt from the Beingist Foundation’s statutes


Article 5.- Aims and activities.

The Beingist Foundation pursues the following goals:

The promotion and development of the mental and physical well-being of people and animals in order to build a more harmonious and just world.

For the best fulfillment of its purposes, the Beingist Foundation the following activities:

  • To offer support to persons between 1 and 25 years of age, diagnosed with incurable diseases, to benefit from free or low cost treatments and stays in the establishments owned by the foundation or concerted establishments.
  • Support for families of children diagnosed with incurable diseases.
  • To provide complementary treatments to scientific medicine.
  • To create transcendental clinics of ancestral healing in union with scientific medicine to attend people diagnosed with incurable diseases.
  • Create transcendental veterinary clinics in union with veterinary science, located in nature to attend to native wildlife.
  • Dissemination of transcendental and universal knowledge.
  • Dissemination of intuitive sensitive healing yoga.
  • Dissemination of transcendental Beingist Healing meditation.
  • Dissemination of the art of living and moving through Fitness Zen.
  • Dissemination of Beingist (secular philosophy based on the union between all beings, far from religions).
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