Do you want to get fee from your addiction?

Do you want to get free  from your addiction?

It doesn’t matter what the reasons that have led you to become addicted to tobacco, drugs, food, etc. are if your sincere intention is to free yourself from your addiction.


If you wish, you can do so as well as heal your body and mind of all the “blockages” and seeds that have pushed you to destroy yourself and be a slave of your dependence.


Addictions are only the symptom of a rupture in you, an existential lack of love within you, and, above all, being lost in this meaningless humanity.


Only treating the symptoms of addictions with repression and dissuasion will not prevent your mind from seeking to replace it with another dependence until the end of your days.


For example, some people go from punishing their lungs by smoking to practising intense sports, destroying their knees in the long run. 


To not fall back into addictions, you have to free yourself from the “black seeds” embedded in your subconscious memories or your DNA.

On a transcendental level, everything is an addiction when you are forced to do something to feel good. The habits to be avoided are the ones that damage the lungs, nervous system, liver, kidneys, body, etc. But others are indispensable to life, such as breathing, eating, sleeping and loving.


Addictions that harm the body, the organs and the environment go against Existence itself.


Through the Essence (Energy who gives life), Existence wishes you to live healthy and free for many years, to climb the steps of circumstances towards liberation, and towards the deepest meaning of life for each person.


Addictions are produced by the human mind which, in exchange for a moment of ecstasy, doesn’t mind destroying its body.

Some minds feel “cornered” for a thousand reasons and fall into a thousand addictions because they do not have the strength to climb the steps of personal growth. No reason justifies living in the agony and slavery of addictions.


The addicted mind destroys the marvellous tomorrow that Existence offers to everyone by needing to be anaesthetised today.


People with substance or emotion dependencies unconsciously forge, little by little, a mind, an ego, that only think of themselves, without caring about destroying their bodies and environment, because they are slaves of their moment of “ecstasy”.

A lost mind is weakened and can easily fall into addictions for fear of Existence.


A liberated mind is strengthened by not being afraid to live.


Living, which on a transcendental level is defined as letting oneself be surprised by Existence, and discovering oneself climbing the steps of circumstances towards infinite freedom, above life and death itself, allows one to connect more and more with the energy who gives life, and which is not life itself.


To live in peace and harmony in this world, absolute coherence is required: the union between mind, body, Essence and the Universe.

All addictions are born from “black seeds”, seeds that change according to the genes and circumstances of people.


“Black seeds” grow in the deep lands of the subconscious, fertilised and abundantly watered by human ignorance that does not stop making erroneous interpretations of circumstances, of people and of Existence itself.


A balanced childhood where sincere love reigns, without emotional manipulation, is key for children to grow up free. A harmonious childhood will reduce the triggers that lead many children and young people to addiction and self-destruction.


Disunity between parents and children results from mental clumsiness, selfishness, and internal parental wars, weakening their children, making them prone to a thousand addictions and violence.

But when the child understands, from the deepest awareness, that their parents were and are victims of their circumstances, and they cannot love because they do not know any better, all resentment, hatred and sadness related to them will disappear. There is nothing to forgive or hate, only love, only “harmony” from transcendental understanding.


The child, by freeing themselves, will free their parents.


Freed parents will free their children from all future emotional dangers.


You can break free! It’s never too late ♥︎

Be aware that, by freeing yourself, you will be freeing this world, starting with your family and social environment.


The ultimate healing begins by learning to be sincere with oneself in connection with existential intentions.


The mind can never be sincere no matter how much it wants to be, because it is linked to the hormonal and survival mechanisms that control it, unless it learns how to become united with the Essence that gives it life.


Suppose you need to regain your freedom and health to live in harmony in this world, allowing Existence to surprise you every day. In that case, I recommend you to follow these steps, only if you trust “Weare” and AtelTrainer’s Team, by visiting the website

1. Visit your family doctor to treat your anxiety camouflaged behind your addiction(s). They will give you a treatment to relax and change, for example, your cigarettes to pills, while following the guidelines below, until your need to “shoot up” disappears. Knowing that your treatment will only be temporary for a few weeks or months until you are entirely free.


2. Immerse yourself in the Universal Transcendental Knowledge by reading all the AtelTrainer’s author notes, all AtelTrainer’s books, starting with the first one to understand the next one. Your mind will relax little by little and in a natural way. It will help you feel and not think about all that you have and don’t have to do in your life. It will help you connect with your Mission of Life on this Planet. There is no religion behind AtelTrainer.


3. Write down on a piece of paper, in the silence of your heart, your intentions for life, which have nothing to do with what the mind wants or desires. 


4. Repeat daily, whether in your head or with a whisper, your life intentions to help this world be free and unite all beings. After thinking about it, spread this thought of purpose into your whole body to connect yourself, with three long deep sighs going from the mind to the navel in the silence of your heart.

• The same with your intention of not being afraid of anything, not even death.

• The same with your intention of wanting to do what you have to do.


5. Read all the author’s notes until you feel part of them, as they have been written from Universal Transcendental Knowledge, as well as the books.


6. Buy and read naturally all the laic AtelTrainer’s books, looking for a pleasant reading and good feelings of liberation, faith and hope for the New World to come. Read the books chronologically. Start with the first book, where you will find activity tables according to anxiety levels. This reading will help your mind to open up to existential reality, and get away from socially induced anxiety. 


7. Transcendental knowledge is liberating, but it may unsettle you without understanding why, in which case, exhale and go beyond your limitations gently.


8. Daily, exchange cigarettes, etc. for transcendental walks.


9. Daily, in the morning and afternoon-evening, practice the Transcendental Healing Meditation for a few minutes.


10. Every day and every time you notice anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, or any similar sensations, sit on the floor with your legs crossed and abandon yourself to the symptoms with the intention of not being afraid. One day you will be able to feel consciously the support of your Essence (Faith in yourself).


11. Every day, stretch your lower back for a few minutes in a cross-legged position, keeping your back straight and moving it slowly towards the four cardinal points. All without pain and with affection for your body, feeling how muscles, tendons and ligaments are gently stretched. More information in “Intuitive Sensitive Healing Yoga“, and in the books.


12. Three times a week, practice the sound “hhhaaa” 10 repetitions. A long “hhhaaa” comes from the lower abdomen. It is not a scream. It is like a sigh, mouth semi-open, like fogging up a glass, accompanied by the guttural “hhhaaa” sound. Practice and practice until you get the feeling of your “hhhaaa” coming from your lower belly. It may make you uneasy at one point in the practice. Don’t be afraid, and you will be freeing yourself.


13. Practice transforming thought into a long sigh from mind to heart.


14. Consult your family doctor to regulate your provisional medication if you do not feel well during the initial treatment. It can be complemented with acupuncture for anxiety.


It is necessary to know that by silencing the withdrawal symptoms of addiction through medication (pills) prescribed by family doctors, quitting the pills afterwards will be easier. This made possible by your sincere intention to heal yourself and by the initiative to ask for external help, and something else.


Possibly, after rigorously following and complying with these guidelines, you will no longer need the Ancestral Healing Treatment because you may be already healed, liberated. But if, for any reason, you need one last helping hand, you can request the Ancestral Healing treatment after you have completed all of the above steps.


To allow me to offer all my attention to other prepared people with severe pathologies, please do not break my silence without having followed all the steps described above.


May your lifestyle be your liberation training plan!


When you take full responsibility for your own Existence, Existence will take care of you. You will understand this after reading the books and your transcendental practices.


I will always be in the silence of your heart.


Transcendental Love Hug,





Alain Tello Robledo 



All the resources obtained from the sale of the books go towards the creation of the AtelTrainer Foundation to create Transcendental Clinics and Hospitals that will have as their main mission to help Scientific Medicine reach where it cannot go by itself.


Transcendental clinics and hospitals will have as their main mission to complement Scientific Medicine by tending to its limitations.

Healing children and young people suffering from cerebral palsy, blindness, cancer, those in recovery after brain tumour removal, and more, will be their goal. 

Also, we aim to create multiple Transcendental Veterinary Clinics located in the middle of nature, close to wildlife, whose main objective will be to help our friends, the wild animals, to prevent their suffering and improve their quality of life.

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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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