Dear society,

Dear society,


If you don’t see it yet… you will soon see the place where women, men and children will arrive to, following your path. A path of good intentions, but intentions that are far away from universal reality. A path full of wars, destruction, injustice, suffering, illness…


Society, you will be made deeply aware of how your arrogant ignorance is destroying the habitat of all living beings on Earth.


You take care of your children with affection and love… But can’t you see how your own life style, full of excesses, makes even your beloved pets get sick? Don’t you realize your primitive distractions have taken you away from what is essential and transcendental?


Since the beginning of time of known humanity, you live in a loop, turning and turning, just as the captive lion does in its cage, victim of your supremacy…

Soon will arrive the time of universal peace, that will force you to stare right into the eyes of truth, of the truth of the transcendental reality, so that the darkest minds will give way to the purest consciences.


As quantum physics says, the Universe is accelerated. Science cannot explain to incredulous minds what already exists at the same rhythm than the Universe. The forced jump into a world of peace and harmony can only be done from a different place, not the mind, nor the intellect.


Soon, will come the day when all beings on earth will truly share the same destiny… Which is living in peace and harmony with the All.


For this new stage of humanity, which some call the New World, my entire Being, in body and soul, has long ago changed thinking by feeling… personal by transcendental…


Through my vocation, at the rhythm of providence, I am lucky to be able to make people remember universal knowledge, in order to help this obliged transition to peace and profound harmony. I train prepared people for the marathon of their life, for the benefit of the All… Life expectancy has soared, even some scientists speak of living 150 years from now on, but …


The AtelTrainer Transcendental Training Center in Spain, based on secular, universal and humanist philosophy, will soon open its doors… to enjoy nature as a guide to personal and transcendental growth…


My books, written from the intuition, from the heart, are at your disposal to learn the mysterious and wonderful language of the Universe, away from all religions and beliefs…


Thank you!


I love all beings of the universe.


Alain Tello Robledo

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“Alain Tello Robledo”


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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