Coronavirus, COVID-19 – Symptoms


Nobody is happy that people die because of the Coronavirus, or for any other reason. Adults, and especially old people, are more at risk of dying because of their “tired” immune systems. The same has happened with the flu that every year affects millions of people around the world.
COVID-19, beside its symptoms, has helped society to collectively face humans’ fears and panicked attitude.
Being cautious is wise, but the excess of caution is fear.
Fears weaken our immune system and make it easier for viruses to deeply harm us. The human immune system is weak because we’re living in an unbalanced and fearful environment.
Human’s fears are worse than the Coronavirus and flu together.
Don’t worsen the effect of COVID 19. Rely on your immune system.
Hospitals and doctors are here to relieve symptoms when it is necessary. They are not prepared to treat collective panic.
Transcendental Love Hug,
Alain Tello Robledo
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