Communiqué February 2022

Do you know a child suffering from an incurable disease, cancer, brain tumor, blindness, etc.?

I offer to give the Ancestral Healing treatment to 5 children up to 14 years of age, free of charge, to heal them.


Many people have already been healed with a single treatment.


Ancestral Healing is complementary to Scientific Medicine, not an alternative.  The union of both opens the door to Universal Medicine.

In fact, the future AtelTrainer Foundation seeks funds to finance Transcendental Clinics in the World, a union between Scientific Medicine and Ancestral Healing, to constitute the Universal Medicine. The main missions of the AtelTrainer Foundation are: healing children and young people suffering from irreversible diseases, as I have been doing for years, and the creation of Transcendental Veterinary Clinics, to care for unprotected and endangered wildlife. 

For many months I have been contacting Doctors and Health Foundations to be able to demonstrate the principles of the Ancestral Healing, 100% effectiveness, in search of the indispensable union with Science, to help it get where it cannot reach.  But I have only obtained silence and indifference from the Administration and the Medical Collective. Why? 

Now I have to directly address the patients diagnosed with incurable, degenerative, fatal diseases; hoping thus to attract the gaze of Science in order to create the future Transcendental Clinics of Universal Medicine, as I explain in detail in, and in the fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.

I invite the family of a child affected by an incurable disease to contact me through the website to get to know me and understand our life mission. 

The first 5 children will receive free treatment in AtelTrainer’s office, in their home or in another previously arranged place situated within the Province of Valencia, Spain.  


Free Ancestral Healing for all children of this World can hopefully be possible in the near future. 

Adults get sick because of their destructive lifestyle, which in turn has made this world sick as well.


Children get sick because they are born into a sick world.


The healing of your child is the healing of this world.

Thank you!


Transcendental Love Hug,




Alain Tello Robledo



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