Trancendental training

Trancendental training

Third AtelTrainer’s book


Your gym is the World

Your trainer is your Essence

Your training plan is your lifestyle

Your challenge is to live in peace

Your house is the Universe

Your Energy is LOVE



These books have therapeutic purposes from the transcendental knowledge to prepare the Ancestral Healing process.

They should be read in a relaxed manner, without trying to understand, memorize, just read, feel, and less trying to remember or analyze their contents. This would activate the cerebral hemispheres.


The physical part of the books can be seen and touched, but not the energy of the liberating knowledge that surrounds them.

Title : The AtelTrainer Method 3.

Collection: Book III.

Subtitle: Transcendental Training.

Language: English.

Author: Alain Tello Robledo.

Edited by: AtelTrainer. Self-help – spirituality …

Size: 204 x 132 mm.

Pages: 175.

Available language: Spanish.

Publication: Mach, 2016.

Translator: Emma Milnthorpe

Available in Amazon International: Kindel & Paper back ($4.50 – $19.00) 


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