Zen Sport

Zen Sport


Second book of the AtelTrainer. It’s so difficult and complicated to describe how simple and easy it is to keep in shape with hardly any effort. Our best training plan is our own lifestyle. Only a few changes will bring us peace and calm. We plant the seeds of our intentions to harvest flowers of wellbeing. Many people seek wellbeing from doing sport. Sport is related to looking after our health; unfortunately, many people do not exercise accordingly and the secondary effect as a consequence is on the agenda. Alain Tello, with his training method, brings us a comprehensive solution to achieve our day-to-day goals beyond our hopes and our environment. The AtelTrainer Method technique is different with its subtle and personal exercises and a melting pot of many oriental and occidental philosophies and disciplines…



These books have therapeutic purposes from the transcendental knowledge to prepare the Ancestral Healing process.

They should be read in a relaxed manner, without trying to understand, memorize, just read, feel, and less trying to remember or analyze their contents. This would activate the cerebral hemispheres.


The physical part of the books can be seen and touched, but not the energy of the liberating knowledge that surrounds them.

Title : The AtelTrainer Method 2

Collection: Book II

Subtitle: Zen Sport

Language: English

Author: Alain Tello Robledo

Edited by: AtelTrainer Self-help

Size: 195 x 142 mm

Pages: 272

Available language: Spanish

Publication: May 6th, 2015

Translator: Emma Milnthorpe

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