“Beingist” communication with the Essences

“Beingist” communication with the Essences ♥︎

Communication with the Essences is indispensable in order to be healthy, to live free, in peace, and without fears, to be an Ancestral Healer, to be a “Beingist“. It is even more necessary to recover and maintain the balance of the Planet.

People who are prepared for a retreat or ancestral healing course at the “Beingist” Center in Spain, learn to communicate with the Essences. But it’s impossible to communicate with the Essences if you do not do it first with your own, which is to say, with the “Energy” that gives life to each Being, to each one of us.

Our own Essence is the only one who can communicate instantly with every other essence in every other dimension, because all Essences are united in the Universe through the Source.


It is then indispensable that the mind unites with its own Heart-Essence from a perspective of absolute coherence, to be able to then communicate with its own Essence and with that of the others. 


When the mind unites with its own Essence, without conditions, without expectations or interpretations, in the existential practice that is a transcendental lifestyle, it will feel the union between all Beings of the Universe begin to grow from the inside.

Diagram exemplifying the Essence-Source communication and “Beingist” union:

The Source is the cradle of all higher intelligence in the Universe, where all Essences (Energies who give life in all dimensions) are connected. 

Diagram of the umbrella of interpretations that continues to divide the world through religions, spirituality, beliefs, etc..:

The interpretations of the Source have generated all religions, spirituality, beliefs and superstitions. All of them separatist. To those we must also add politics, governmental and private interests, borders, social classes, gender division, generational separation, skin color, ideologies, etc.

To interpret the Source is to create a religion, sect.

To interpret the Universe is to create beliefs, theories, scientific laws, etc.

Interpretations are a product of the mind, of thought. As I explain in detail in the fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing“. When the cerebral hemispheres are activated by generating voluntary thoughts, a magnetic field is formed on top of the head, so powerful that it blocks all universal connection (Source) through the seventh chakra, and becomes the origin of diseases and disorders.

When the Essences are simply connected with the Source, the universal transcendental union between all Beings is born. 

The Source could be described like the CPU of the universal knowledge and the communication network between all Essences of known and unknown Universes. 

This communication is the universal union between all Beings of the Universe.

But in order to communicate with one’s own Essence, we must first be free of fears, false beliefs, and be open to truly and sincerely know oneself, to be according to the innate universal identity, and to do what one has to do (innate life mission). It is the only way for the mind to open the door to the Source-Essence connection, requiring abandoning oneself without further ado to the precipice of the unknown. Having “faith in oneself.”

It is not possible for the Essences to connect from the mental dimension. From the rational, from the will, it is never possible to be in transcendental union with the Source. 

When sensitive people have fleeting, unexpected intuitive messages, in moments of tranquility, those are small unconscious connections.  

In order for the connection to be permanent, participants follow the established preparation protocol in order to receive the Ancestral Healing treatments.

After such treatments and training in transcendental knowledge, participants move on to practice techniques to develop their conscious “intuitive” connection to their Essence through Transcendental Healing Meditation and other enjoyable but intense inner techniques and processes.

Transcendental knowledge is obtained from mental, intellectual, rational openness, opening the door for each person to feel what to do and not to do, to eat and not to eat, to say and not to say, etc., according to the only transcendental rule: “do whatever you want as long as it does not harm or bother anyone in the Universe, not even yourself”.

This process allows each person to discover and explore their life’s intention, which unites all beings in the World as they all share the same destiny of Planet Earth which is sailing towards the unknown Universe at full speed.

We cannot communicate with each other’s Essence in the same way we do rationally. Normally, to communicate with a third party, we ask a question and wait for the answer. This is the correct thing to do mentally, but it is opposite to the “Beingist” communication with the Essences.

The mind, from its lower and limited dimension, cannot ask about a knowledge that surpasses all rational logic. A person cannot ask about something which they don’t know exists. Science creates theories, probabilities and assumptions of the unknown (interpretations).

The universal transcendental knowledge will grow as the “Beingist” person evolves in their true union with their own Essence and with other Essences.

Human minds mistake the ability to memorize acquired or learned experiences for knowledge, intelligence. 


The human mind bases its knowledge on drawing conclusions from the past, and theories about the future, or the unknown.


The human mind knows a lot about the the virtual world and its reality, as it has invented it through interpretations and beliefs, but it doesn’t know about the deep meaning of the Universe, of life. In fact, these past years we have been able to clearly see the destructive and unbalanced impact human evolution has on the ecosystems and health of people and the Planet, product of its separatist, selfish interpretations.

Communication with the Essence/s is unidirectional, that is to say, it is the Essences who make us formulate the questions whose answers are the message which the Source wants us to know in order to guide our individual and collective evolution. The true answers are confirmed with a pendulum or rods according to a special protocol to ensure that they are not manipulated by fears, clumsiness or selfish mental interests. 

There are many spiritual courses which teach how to handle a pendulum, but all of them do so from the mind’s interpretations and beliefs, blocking the seventh Chakra.

Essences guide us and minds must be prepared to let themselves be guided in the midst of humanitarian and planetary chaos, where consciences suffer from collective ignorance.

Essences will only communicate with people of pure and sincere intentions. There is nothing more sincere than innate intentions.

In AtelTrainer, “Beingist” Center, Spain, we guide prepared people to transcend in order to rediscover their innate abilities and attitudes to let themselves be guided by their own Essences, that is, by the energies who give life, to maintain their health and inner balance.

Without total mental liberation it will be impossible to truly and certainty connect with the Essences, overcoming all unsuspected rational limits.

Living from a state of total openness, and surrendering to the Essence, allows questions to arise through transcendental intuition, whose answers are the messages that the Source wants us to know at the last moment of each circumstance, in the same way we take one step after the other with different strides according to the circumstances of the path of life.

Summary of the preparation for living in connection with the Essences:

  1. Desire to live free and united with the All. Illnesses and inquietudes are the voices that ask for a change of consciousness, transcendence.
  2. Preparation to transcend.
  3. Liberation treatments and Ancestral Healing.
  4. Transcendental knowledge (AtelTrainer books, audio-visual author’s notes, etc.).
  5. Transcendental healing meditation practices.
  6. Practice of intuitive sensitive healing yoga, or fitness zen.
  7. Practice of transcendental walks. 
  8. Transcendental eating (tolerant and flexible vegetarianism).
  9. Having come to deeply feel the intention of life.
  10. Ancestral Healing course for people with healer missions.
  11. Lifestyle of union with oneself, the environment and the Universe.
  12. Faith in the Source without interpretations, in oneself, far from religions and beliefs.

Communicating with the Essences is a matter of elevation of consciousness. 

To be a “Beingist” you don’t have to learn anything, it is only necessary to have the courage to abandon yourself to the unknown universal wisdom that belongs to all of us, guided by the Essences.

There is no greater effort for a rational, rigid, egoistic mind…, than to abandon itself totally to its Essence. I would even say it is almost impossible for “fixed”, addicted, fragile minds and big egos…

If you are ready to transcend, we are waiting for you, far from all religion and beliefs. You can only come once to the “Beingist” Center so that each person can live free without depending on anything or anyone, only on the Energy that gives you life, your Essence.

Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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