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Ten years ago!

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Ten years ago!

During the spring of 2009, AtelTrainer was born.
A few months after I finished my collaboration as an executive member of the 32 America’s Cup. Starting an episode of uncertainty as a newly unemployed.

Everything started in the most spontaneous and not at all reflected way, contrary to my many years as a professional who studied and analyzed every detail, every business and commercial action.

On a weekend of leisure, while doing open kayaking in the rough waters of the Cabriel river, I injured my left ankle in the dumbest of ways.

During the pertinent rehabilitation, so many exercises meant to recover the mobility of the injured joint revived in me my sports knowledge as a karate and sports instructor which were hidden in the background of my mind, behind so many years of professional memories.

One day, Massiel accompanied me driving the car on the way to visit her family. Sitting in the passenger seat, watching the landscape fly by without focusing on any particular detail, meditating with my eyes open, I broke the silence saying, “I am going to create a personal trainer company!” I was surprised to hear my own words. Thus began my new journey, which was nothing more than my “awakening”.

In very few years, and accompanied by my four books in which I have being sharing the evolution of my transcendental knowledge, I went from a personal trainer to a transpersonal trainer, to a transcendental trainer, and finally to what others say I am at this moment…

Thank you for having joined me during these years, until I moved away from all of you, family, friends, society, to live in connection with the All, far from religions and mundane beliefs.

While approaching myself I walked away. You cannot be in two places that opposite at the same time (mind or heart / essence).

Now I share ancestral healing retreats with the people prepared to transcend ♥ for a better world …

In the no search you will find yourself♥

Transcendental Love hug,


Alain Tello Robledo



Transcendental Experience ♥

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Transcendental Experience ♥

Professional experience is sought to perform tasks effectively and efficiently, putting into practice the theoretical knowledge learned, and be valued for it.

Life experience is required to avoid problems and live happily. When in fact “difficulties” are nothing but the mirror of our mental rigidity.

Experience as we know it grows by doing the same things, or solving similar situations, learning from practice. Whether the aim is professional or personal, the goal is always to improve at an aesthetic, operational and/or economical level.

It is the experience of getting something external with excellence.

It is an experience that stagnates on a personal and spiritual level.

Experience based on knowledge that tomorrow will be obsolete due to the non-stop technological, social and business evolution, that change according to economic interests, and are disconnected from transcendental evolution.

The search for “social” experience makes people focus only on the object to be manufactured or on the situation to be solved, seeking the so rewarded excellence. It is the pursuit of perfection.

It is the experience that seeks recognition, comfort and safety as a reward.

The more “social” experience, the more “false” tranquility arises.


But personal and spiritual growth will only increase as one does things that are far from all acquired experience, from their good intention, and following the voice of intuition.

What makes someone grow more? Perfecting oneself by doing the same things, or by doing new and important things?

Fears make people not dare to make changes, to do truly new things. To live a new life. Just thinking about it worries them!

Most people prefer a comfortable, safe, and boring life made up of a lot of distractions, rather than discovering their potential by walking towards new horizons following their intuition, mission of life. They are victims of the slavery of Fear!

A life that fills the mouth with lots of “ifs” in old age.

A life, whose greatest adventure is lived in dreams through cinematic, fictional heroes. That stops them from being the protagonist of their own existence.

Transcendental experience invites you to stop looking for perfection to connect with the satisfaction of daring to do new things every day, as every day we are surprised by the changing rays of the sun, the walk of the drunk clouds, and the changing winds.

The transcendental experience of being eternal apprentices breaks the limits that the fearful mind wishes to impose for fear of the unknown and of making mistakes. ♥

“Social” experience is necessary, but only to later on give way to intuitive experience that doesn’t expect to know before doing. Liberation! Connection!

Transcendental experience pays attention to ancestral universal knowledge that allows us to maintain the harmonious balance between all beings and nature. Taking care of our wonderful planet that is dying because of the “social” experience of our modern, ignorant society ♥

Transcendental experience only promotes the union between all beings of all dimensions, based in transcendental love ♥

The greatest and most liberating experience is to act and do, from the harmonious intention, without expecting to have initial experience. It is to be the apprentice who wishes to learn how to learn in order to continue learning, since existence does not repeat itself in order not to give way to dominate it, to fall asleep, or to get bored. This is fully living ♥

Personally, my life after more than half a century does not follow at all the inertia of my extensive professional and personal experience acquired by so many years of executive adventures ♥
I feel like an eternal apprentice that discovers himself every day at every moment, by being one with my own intuition ♥
The doubts of the past are my certainties now ♥

“Union-Coherence!”, which is no more than the mind and the “heart” that walk embraced towards to the same destiny, united by a mission to fulfill ♥

The world needs everyone to develop their own transcendental experience to maintain the balance of peace and harmony in this endangered paradise ♥

Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

Unconscious madness

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Definitions published in some dictionaries:

<<< Was designated as madness, until the end of the 19th century, a certain behavior that rejected the established social norms.

Madness, according to the dictionary, means “deprivation of judgment or use of reason”. >>>

There is a great difference between a mental disorder (functional defect of the psyche) and a behavior that differs from that of the rest of humans that make up modern society.

“Mentally healthy” people, that are hidden behind materialistic interests and that lead the citizens’ future, do not hesitate to press buttons and triggers to annihilate dubious enemies. Enemies for the simple fact of not bowing to capitalistic interests.

In the past, in the name of God, heretics were defenestrated, considered crazy, witches, paranormal.

Today, in the name of democracy, there are wars everywhere.

In the name of democracy, hundreds of innocents die every day. Some die under military fire or terrorist action, and many others, especially children, die starving in silence every day for having been robbed of their futures, to guarantee the opulence of the dominant minority.

The collective madness that maintains an aggressive system, points to those  who dare to follow another path. The path to simplicity and harmony. These are called crazy.

The unconsciousness of citizens through democratic elections, unknowingly maintains this murderous madness, which not only annihilates its own species, but also the Nature that maintains the balance of life on earth, itself.

Madness is to maintain a system or a lifestyle that perpetuates sickness to promote healthcare.

Madness is having lost the courage to be oneself.

Who is involved in madness?



Organic Green House

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Organic Green House

Recycling donated materials, after many months, we have just  built our loved Green House.

It is already working!

Now we have our summer  orchard,  winter orchard, and finally our green house to help us to  prolong the harvest of vegetables and strawberries. Basis of our transcendental diet.

Ecologic, organic agriculture.



Apprentice, Alain Tello Robledo

I don’t eat meat, but I am not vegetarian…

Ancestral Healing Transcendental Retreats


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Because human beings are social animals, the search for more friends has become a competition to be accepted, to succeed…

The more friends you have, the more chances you have to be accepted in this society, to find a job, to meet the ideal partner…  This is the subliminal message that increases selfishness and superficial relationships…

This existential emptiness filled with superficial friends is just a distraction, just a reflection of minds that have lost their vital focus.

To be and not to depend is the key of eternal peace and harmony!

Friendships, for a long time now, have become an excuse to prevent boringness, because of the fear of spending some instants alone.

True friendships, that arise without searching for them while crossing the valleys and grasslands of our existences, where few words are necessary to share love and harmony, the sole spiritual presence being enough, are disappearing because of lost minds that pay more attention to distraction than complicity, intimacy.

Influential friendships are searched to try to protect oneself from the insecurities and fears created by the collective imagination, to better channel the future of the masses…

For many years, belonging to a social group has been sought in order to feel accepted, strong and protected from the silence and the misunderstood solitude.

Priority is usually given to the superficial friendships rather than to the deep and serious relationships; weakening the faith in oneself.

Superficial friendships are the relationships of weak minds and unconscious egos.

True, sincere and deep friendships can only be manifested from the connection of the essences, spirits. Sometimes transforming friends in life partners, endearing friends, accomplices for all eternity, no matter what…

Many call me friend after sharing my permanent spiritual retreat in the Valley of Hortunas ♥♥♥, needing to ease their sensitive minds from worries and fears… Until they don’t need to disturb my silence anymore because they have recovered their self faith. Only then we are united at distance, in silence, by the transcendental friendship that only loves, doesn’t divide, doesn’t possess, doesn’t judge. Then my marvelous “loneliness” is filled of collective peace for the sake of the All; united by the “Energy” of… sharing what is offered…

I have to speak a lot these days to attend to the restless minds, lost trying to understand that nothing has to be understood to connect to the peace; finishing with a transcendental love hug with no need to say or to hear a word, doubts and fears disappear uniting body, mind and spirit…

During these times of big distractions and fears, there will always been the friendship between humans and Nature and all the wild and free beings or the pets. In this dimension we only share without needing to utter a word. Sharing universal harmony in silence.

The day that all human beings around the world stop searching outside for the “friendship” within them, humanity will be united again in peace and harmony with the All. “Transcendental Friendship”.

I am not the friend of your mind, but I love you from spirit to spirit.

Thank you! I am grateful.

Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo

Transcendental Spiritual Agenda:


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Patricia’s testimonial

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Express Retreats Weekends♥


Had an amazing experience at “Valle de Hortunas” in Requena, Valencia-Spain.

Allow yourself to follow your instincts and learn how to live from the heart. Your mind will start to ease, and wonderful things will start to happen around you and within.

So, pack a bag and hit the road to Requena, you won’t regret it!

In a moment when my glass was already too full to take anything else in, AtelTrainer happened and revitalised me. A very much needed get away and yoga retreat turned out to be a deep cleansing of the heart. Fears came out, buried feelings emerged, emotional and physical blockages released, and all the fatigue that came with it was rested.

Having had a one to one retreat with Alain was a luxury as all the attention was focused on me and my needs. Also enjoyed the treatments (energetic channelling, Shiatsu).

Also, the wife and the daughter are warm and welcoming, the make you feel at home and at ease.

Best money invested in my health insurance. It seriously felt like a psychoanalysis of the heart but without the “psycho”. Therapy could have taken years, this took me 3 days, and although I know I still have a long journey to walk, I can feel now that I´m on the right path to find peace and purpose in life. Practice “heartfulness” instead of “mindfulness” and the results will be much more powerful.

P.S. We also did Yoga!

If you are doubting and perhaps having fear about going on your own, please don´t, nothing to be afraid of, more than connecting with nature in a sacred valley that heals you, and best of all re-connecting with yourself and all the beings around you through the magic of transcendental love.

Patricia Corell.



From intention to liberation.

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Ancient intentions and reflexions

Lao Tse, the ancient Chinese philosopher from the IV century BC, who inspired  me towards Tao philosophy when I was 23, said:

<<<Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.>>>

<<<If you overcome others you are powerful. If you overcome yourself you have strength.>>>

These reflections are intended for minds and egos.


♥ Intentions for liberation

If you manage to sincerely love who considers yourself their enemy, you will become invincible like the water that endlessly transforms.

If you sincerely love yourself, no enemy will be able to steal your peace, your freedom.

You should love who considers yourself their enemy, turning your back to their mind in order to avoid being its victim; but willing to embrace their soul, when the darkness of their mind disappears under the effect of transcendental love, based on infinite patience and the “healing” life circumstances that will awaken their silenced consciousness. Then, there won’t be any place left for hatred, rancor, envy…

There is no enmity when one of the parts is “friendly”.

Only minds create friends and foes, according to their selfish, at times subconscious, interest.

Learning to live from the essence is like turning the light of existence on, which makes any shadow of an enemy disappear under its beam of light. Then flows the vital energy radiating all beings and surroundings, because the fears and emotional blockages have been evaporated.

Living from the essence is loving with no intentions, sharing what has been offered.

The connection with transcendental love exists because of the necessity to go beyond the hormonal, primitive, selfish and possessive love. Thus transforming primitive love into an option and no longer the only way to love.

The lost society wanders on earth, destroying with each step the land that sustains it, for not being transmitted, generation after generation, the transcendental intention to live in harmony, in balance with the All.

The selfish and superficial common intention is to be happy at any price, being taught since a young age by the competitive spirit. It is the intention of the mortal mind. Whose result we all know: disease, disappointment, depression, destruction, annihilation… the end.

The common transcendental intention is to live in harmony, sharing what has been offered by the source between all free living beings. It’s to be in perennial peace. It’s the pure essence of existence. To create and not to destroy. It can only be reached by living from the heart, spirit, soul, transcending the mind, the subconscious and the hormones with care and patience.

♥ To love oneself,

  • one must be free from all fear,
  • one must remember how to connect with one’s essence,
  • one has to dare to transcend the mind and hormones with care,
  • refreshing the transcendental knowledge that remains the only universal reality that all mortals have in common, the profound meaning of existence,
  • one must transcend the fear of the dreaded terrestrial death in order to open the door to the full existence …


Transcendental love hug, from my permanent spiritual retreat…

Alain Tello Robledo


♥ Individual Therapeutic Spiritual Retreat

 Weekends Express Retreats

 ♥ Christmas’s Retreat in Spain

 ♥ New Year Spiritual Retreat 2017/18

 ♥ Easter Spiritual Retreat

 ♥ Summer’s Retreats (every week July & August)

 Autumn Retreat


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We are!

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We are!

The wife, the daughter, the well-intentioned friend, are free and unique spirits who share love, peace, harmony in this dimension…

The husband, the son, the sensitive friend, are unique and free spirits, who, in this dimension, walk on the path of affection and “protection”…

The spouse, the daughter, the husband, the son, the friend, looking at the mirror, they are they and them. The “I” defines their social identity and singularity; but as we walk together towards the infinite common horizon, the “I” disappears to make way for the “WE”.

Before the word spouse, daughter, husband, son, friend, appears “MY”: symbol of possession and separatism. What is mine is not yours, that is what “MY” means. Unless we all connect to the transcendental reality that only unites and does not divide.

The fear of being alone looks to possess, for its own selfish protection.

Solely the deepest and most sincere empathy unites all beings without “possessive chains”. The sincere intention, put to practice, to share, help, not hurt, which is the pure sense of life, is enough to establish indestructible ties, and to get far away from primitive lives disguised as modernity that repeat every year the same mechanisms of destructive distractions.

The “WE”, also exists between friends, not only couples.

The “WE”, has to first appear inside of us, uniting mind, body and spirit, to afterwards be shared with other “WE”s.

With my dear partner who has walked by my side for thousands of years, as I have walked by hers; with my beloved daughter of the Universe who walks freely by our side… together, just “WE”.

Transcendental Love,



Alain Tello Robledo

Transcendental Spiritual Retreats of Ancestral Healing…:






Spiritual retreats!

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You have probably heard about spiritual retreats, yoga retreats, mindfulness retreats, religious retreats, silence retreats, vipassana retreats, Shamanic retreats… Maybe you have already participated in one of them.

But, what ‘s a spiritual retreat, and what is it for?

As its name implies, the goal of the experience is to withdraw, in this case from all mundane involvement, to learn how to connect to the “not-mind”, without mundane interaction…  Answering an internal call  that claims for a “change” in order to live balanced in deep harmony, recovering the sense of life, of self healing…

Anxiety, depression, nervousness… are round indicators to connect with one’s authentic self.

Appear all kind of diseases, physical and mental troubles, when a person has to make huge efforts to adapt to a lifestyle full of adaptations, to be accepted by a sick, blind, insensitive, unbalanced, destructive, unconscious and ignorant society.

To retreat is to be with oneself every second of the experience. It is to avoid fleeing with a thousand excuses and excesses.

There are different spiritual retreat levels, according to the preparation and preferences of the participants. Knowing  that we live in a society where fear has been used since the beginning of time to manipulate and control the crowds, people are “guided” to buy products and services to escape from their empty lives, searching for lots of mundane distractions.  Unfortunately, nowadays the spirituality trend offers more or less the same than the conventional lifestyle, but with good intentions. It is in fashion to practice yoga, to be vegetarian, vegan, to join a somewhat “commercial” retreat, to try to appear “different” in this unbalanced world. But many don’t make the necessary effort to change deeply their lifestyle. It is a pious hypocrisy!

Because minds get bored easily, the necessity to renew distractions constantly appears. There are distractions that are directly destructive and others that are placebo that don’t help people to jump to their true liberation…

The common trait of everyone who joins one of the above mentioned retreats is the desire to live in peace and harmony. But one cannot be in peace and live in harmony if they don’t recover and start loving themselves from the soul, uniting body, mind and spirit in connection with the “source”. It shouldn’t be forgotten that hormones, influenced by others human magnetic fields, can control the mind and behavior, leaving no options to the individual but to follow their lead, unless they have learned to connect with the essential, with the transcendental reality, that is only one for all beings. Also, it is important to know that all living beings are energetic receptors and transmitters, especially sensitive people…

Traditions feed destructive distractions, leading people to live in an endless loop. Only minds can create the distractions necessary to satisfy the ego. People search for distractions, thinking that they are the only way obtain happiness. But, ironically, every year and day, people activate the same mundane rituals (celebrations, habits, superficial trips…), because they haven’t  reached the so desired peace and harmony, as they are looking for it behind ephemeral happiness; because they aren’t aware of the transcendental dimension of existence.

When someone is in peace, they do not feel the need to look for it, or to try to reproduce said search. Only by enjoying the ever changing fullness, by contemplating the sun, that rises and sets at the endless rhythm of nature, that is always moving straight ahead, despite the cyclical seasons, and that transforms everything into infinite life, peace can be reached.

Four seasons pass every year and seem to be cyclic, but the tree grows tall and strong every year, staring at the sky, having roots deeply connected with Mother earth, opening its arms to embrace life, sharing what was gifted by the universe.

Distractions are very limited and unreal life approaches that the mind creates for its own egoistical satisfaction, because the fear of the unknown has been inculcated upon it, and because the mind is far from the true way of living, which is sharing what has been offered.

The need to join a retreat, should come from the necessity to remember or improve how to live in harmony with the all. The mind thinks and lives in a loop. The spirit/soul, manifests itself through intuition, and only feels from the heart its interaction with this earthly environment, living and not drowsing by virtual dreams.Choose your individual or group retreat to keep growing free and in peace, according to your emotional and spiritual preparation. The liberation process should be progressive, pleasant, without any haste or expectation. Some people contact me because they are interested to offer one of the transcendental retreats I propose as a gift to a friend or relative. To join an “non-commercial” spiritual retreat of reduced distractions, is a very personal thing and should not be given as a gift. Neither should someone ask to be accompanied to one. There are things we can only do on our own, just as we come to and leave this world. Every being is responsible for reaching its balance in life.  Liberation can only be granted by oneself.

Lots of people join a retreat accompanied by their partner or their friends. That is a clear example of a distraction because of their fear of the unknown, of being alone, of getting bored without TV, radio, newspaper, internet… This means that they are not yet prepared!

Yoga retreats:

Learn  how to take care of your body, mind and soul.

Be your master, sincere and  noble.

With higher or lower religious philosophical connotations.

In a group: The distraction level can be high.

Individually: The distraction level is usually medium to low.

Alone: There is a low distraction level.

Preparation level: low/medium if in group, and high if alone.


Mindfulness retreats:

No comments.

Religious retreats:

No comments.

Vipassana, meditation, silence retreats:

Dare to look into the eyes of your mind and ego. Make sure you are prepared to enjoy the experience. If you are not ready, the practice can be hard and temporally destabilizing.  The rush for liberation is a consequence of restless and impatient minds. With patience everything arrives sooner.

With higher or lower religious philosophical connotations.

In a group: The distraction level is usually medium to low.

Alone: There is a low distraction level.

Preparation level: high/high.


Shamanic retreats:

They will help you to connect to another existential dimension. But make sure that you are emotionally and spiritually ready, in order to avoid unpleasant and destabilizing experiences.

Do not take hallucinogenic substances.

Be your shaman, sincere and noble.

Without religious connotations, but shamanic ones(spirits).

In a group: The distraction level can be high.

Individually: The distraction level is usually medium to low.

Alone: There is a low distraction level if there is no “fantasy”.

Preparation level: medium/low.


Transcendental Spiritual Retreat by AtelTrainer:

Only if you feel prepared to transcend your mind to connect with your essence. Ancestral healing techniques and transcendental knowledge search. Care and union of body, mind and spirit, using universal and millenary techniques, fusion from  Japan (only the art of martial arts, shiatsu), China (tai-chi, chikung), India (healing yoga), Shamanism without any substances. Transcendental meditation by AtelTrainer. Ancestral healing energetic therapy…

Learn to live from your heart feeling and not thinking, being guided by your intuition. Reconnect with your transcendental intention.

It is far from any religion and mundane belief, laic and secular and focuses on the connection to the essential, the transcendental…

In a group: The distraction level is usually medium to low because of the small number of participants allowed (2 to 4 people).

Individual (one on one): There is a low distraction level.

Preparation level: high/high.


AtelTrainer’s Transcendental Training Center. A few times a year I interrupt  my permanent retreat, to share universal knowledge through the  transcendental spiritual retreats of ancestral healing process. The payment from the participants help us keep sharing with others said universal knowledge; the previous “customers” ‘ generosity, make possible that we continue sharing with you as well as the future participants to come.  Thank you!


♥ Individual Therapeutic Spiritual Retreat


♥ Weekends Express Retreats


♥ Christmas’s Retreat in Spain


♥ New Year Spiritual Retreat 2017/18


♥ Easter Spiritual Retreat


♥ Summer’s Retreats (every week July & August)


♥ Autumn Retreat



<<< Your best choice in this life, will be what you choose from your intuition, without caring about others may say or think. Your good intentions will always lead your steps to peace and harmony.  When you will start again walking in this life free and in deep peace, you will leave behind heavy burdens that anchored your existence in the “bondage” of the mind and others opinions dependency. At the beginning, many friends and family may think that you are “the different” that moves away. But you will feel in every step forward that you don’t flee, you just get closer to your mission in life to your soul and peace for the good of all >>> 

If you are interested in knowing more about AtelTrainer, Transcendental Training, the three first books are available in Amazon International:


AtelTrainer Method:

Book I: Psycho-Fitness Holistic.

Book II: Zen Sport.

Book III: Transcendental Training.

(Available in Spanish & English)



Thank you very much!


Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

Mind / Fears

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Inherited and inculcated fears have their origin in the deepest part of the mind. Wanting to understand the reason for so much suffering, as a solution to get free  of fears, it is like trying to put out a fire expecting to understand its origin.

Existential fears kill balanced life interaction between all beings and surrounding. Then, arise diseases, emotional troubles as a consequence of having internal energetic blockages …

Transcending the mind is like setting aside the imaginary fire, keeping walking ahead to existence’s rhythm. Will be left behind paralyzing fears that prevent connecting to deep peace, living in harmony with the Whole.

Undoubtedly, to transcend the mind can only be done if  another level of existence is reached,  down to earth, look beyond the horizon, away from all religion and worldly beliefs.

If you feel prepared to undergo a liberation experience, without distractions or fantasies, I invite you to join a Transcendental  “Individual” Spiritual Retreats throughout the year at Transcendental AtelTrainer ‘s Center in Spain.

Transcendental love Hug from my permanent spiritual retreat, till…

Alain Tello Robledo

♥ ♥ ♥










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