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Transcendental love

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Transcendental love

It was a cold winter afternoon, Mary was taking a walk with her father Bernard along a forest path towards a waterfall on the Alegría River. 

United by the warmth of their intertwined hands, they walked sharing the right words so as not to miss the murmur of the wind that caressed the treetops of the silent pine and oak trees. 

Some birds greeted them discreetly to welcome them into such forgotten places.

Suddenly, Mary pulled on her father’s arm with the intention of stopping him, to make sure Bernard would pay full attention to the question what she was going to ask.

– Dad, you talk a lot about transcendental love! What is it?

As the two of them were standing, Bernard took both her hands in his, stared into her eyes, asking for her full attention, as an act of solemnity.

  Honey, look, there is the love of parents, brothers, friends. Romantic and hormonal love, wether to have children or simply for pleasure. But there is a greater love than all that: the transcendental love.

The love of the mind, loves or does not love depending on its preferences, attachments, affinities, interests. The love of the mind is the love of possession: my wife, my son, my car…

Transcendental love is the love of essences that can only love and never hate, for connecting with the purity of every beings. No possession. No expectation.

– Daughter, do you like the sun, the stars, the moon?


– Daughter, do you like the sea, the mountains, the rivers?


– Daughter, do you like birds, foxes, wild animals?


– Daughter, then do you love Mother Earth and all her beings and the Universe?

– Yes, yes, yes!

– Honey, I love you like Mother Earth and all her beings love you and you love them unconditionally too. United by the harmony of existence. 

Beyond earthly love, man-woman, feminine-masculine, there is the love of Mother Nature and the Father of the Universe, without religious, separatist interpretations or human beliefs. It is the energy of the Union with the All.   THAT IS TRANSCENDENTAL LOVE!

You are free beloved Daughter. We are united by the essences.

Alain Tello Robledo

AtelTrainer – Healing retreats

Transcendental Ancestral Healing

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Transcendental Ancestral Healing

The Wall (End)

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Transcendental healing meditation

Ateltrainer presentation

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AtelTrainer returns…

Posted by / 28 November, 2019 / Categories: Author's notes, news / -

AtelTrainer returns… ♥♥♥


Good Afternoon,

As many of you will remember, for many years, I have left, society, family and friends, as well as social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to retire in the small valley of Hortunas, far from any distractions, and have been building with my own hands along with some help ♥♥♥… the AtelTrainer’s center of Ancestral Healing. Here I have been sharing so far international transcendental spiritual retreats of ancestral healing for prepared people, to transcend, away from any religions or beliefs.

Now, I feel the need to come back to you using social networks to share new AtelTrainer’s initiatives. I return with no need of distractions, just to share connections to practical approaches to live in peace and harmony.

In fact it is Gaelle Duchemin who will manage the social networks of AtelTrainer to communicate new events abroad… Myself, I will keep focusing on attending participants who join our individual healing retreats and other programs.

We will start by organizing the first ancestral healing course in London- England in March 2020.

Next summer will take place a course of ancestral healing in Hortunas – Spain (monitored in English).

Next autumn we plan to do courses in France and Germany.

From February 2020, we will organize “master classes” of intuitive-sensitive healing Yoga, transcendental healing meditation, Fitness-Zen, in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Berlin…

All this is possible thanks to the unconditional help of Gaelle Duchemin, Bianca Mendonca and the AtelTrainer family.

Gaelle and Bianca, both have been retired here in the Valley with me for long periods, receiving transcendental knowledge as “volunteers”. Both are ancestral healers and are prepared to transmit liberating keys through transcendental workshops ♥.

You can follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to help us spread another way to live and heal, away from known spirituality.

Transcendental Love Hug,

♥♥♥  ♥♥

Alain Tello Robledo
♥ Gaelle Duchemin
♥ Bianca Mendonca
♥ AtelTrainer’s Family

PS: I beg pardon to those people who may feel bothered receiving information from AtelTrainer. If so, please reply to this email typing “unsubscribe” in subject field, and we will immediately remove it from our broadcast list. Thank you ♥

Spirit of the valley ♥

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Today, 58 years ago I came to this life (Oct. 25th, 1961)

Today, my wild friend the fox Renardo, left the forest in that special day to give me his last breathe of transcendental love close to me (11:45 pm) ♥

No human words can explain my feelings full of gratitude at this moment ♥

Thank you beloved being

Alain Tello Robledo




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We have all heard about radicalism, fundamentalism, and extremism. Mainly in politics, or in intransigent movements, focused in humanist, republican, anti-clerical etc., principles. These are ideas or philosophies that seek to impose their beliefs in a radical way, with directly or indirectly violent actions.

I will leave aside politics and religions as they have never interested me. Nowadays we can see and feel Mother Nature’s suffering, perhaps even her last breaths, in any corner of this world. Nature with all its beings that have agonized for many decades because of human’s actions, and which visible symptoms are climate change, pollution, diseases, migration, etc. So many radical movements have been born, for example: “Greenpeace”, anti-globalization, racism, anti-bullfighting, feminism, misogyny, veganism, vegetarianism, etc. But, even more radical is the immovable political, economic and social “status quo”, deaf and blind, guilty of planetary imbalance, whose passivity and unconsciousness has promoted the afore mentioned “rebel” movements.

We are experiencing a deep imbalance on a planetary level that many scientists have painstakingly tried to point out for decades. More than 200 known species of animals have already disappeared on earth so far. More than 200 thousand children die of starvation every day. The economic interests and fear of change have created “deaf ears and blind eyes”, comforted behind a thousand distractions.

The relationship between men and women (misogyny-feminism) has been divided since history was rewritten by males, downgrading females. Man, supremacy of the genders, is gradually falling apart, allowing itself to be guided by the intuitive sensibility of women, liberated from the hormonal slavery of procreation, and recovering emotionally and spiritually (evolution).

This globalized situation of transcendental imbalance has encouraged direct and indirect violence, for being the society divided and enslaved by the “status quo.”

Society can say I am a radical for living retired from it and not according to its rules, customs and traditions. But here, in the little valley where I live isolated, everyone is welcome to participate in my healing retreats, if they are willing to live in harmony with themselves, with nature and the universe. Without radicalism of any kind, religious, political, veganism or vegetarianism. You can come only once, at most two. Liberation or loyalty. It is not a place for dark, inflexible or radical minds.

I don’t eat meat, but I’m not vegan or vegetarian. I don’t want to be anything, I become more and more myself every day, in deep connection with nature and the universe. Wanting to be or to belong to a movement, is to lose one’s innate identity, it is to be transformed according to doctrines of others.

Only the shift of consciousness can be born from oneself. Environments of peace and harmony, lavished by the harmonious example, are transformative. Violence and brute force only invite confrontation and division, even if the initial intentions are good.

Technology already allows us to live while being energetically independent (electricity and water), without intermediaries and in harmonious balance with nature. Which fills hearts with great satisfaction for loving and letting oneself be loved by what takes care of us, and not living behind repressed guilt, source of diseases.

I am far from any kind of radicalism. Many vegans and vegetarians have fallen into radicalism to eliminate animal suffering, making their peers suffer with their actions… It is not the way! Humanity will change the world by uniting itself in connection with its essence, and transmitting harmony and non-aggressiveness made-up of good intentions. I am far from all known spirituality, and even more from human beliefs. The vegan and vegetarian movements, protected by good intentions, have often become a kind of separatist religion.

I am against any type of abuse, starting with oneself for wanting to rebel against ignorant society and the ruthless system, mistreating the body through tattoos, piercings and destructive addictions. Is the body ever asked if it likes to be pierced and permanently painted?! It’s purely the mind’s radicalism towards its own body. Minds blame others, forgetting to take care of their bodies and to be guided by their essences… From the essences are united all beings, humans, “animals”, trees, seas, rivers… Animals are wild and sensitive, the modern man is primitive and insensitive, believing himself king.

Enough empty words and putting the blame on others! Everyone, disguised and anesthetized victim, should assume their responsibility without blaming someone else. It would be so easy if the oppressed and manipulated majority, began to wake up with small liberating actions without looking at the defects of others. These are times to behave with small actions, but with oneself, without being influenced by radical movements and fears. Our intuition, the voice of the essence, will guide each being in their liberation journey to achieve global balance. All beings united by something that even the brightest minds will never understand, as said Albert Einstein with other words.

If you want the tree of peace to grow, sow a seed of peace and not discord.

Look into your eyes, and not in the eyes of others.

Follow your heart, and your mind will relax and join your essence.

There is war in this world, because human beings are at war with themselves.

The big “change” is inevitable! So much has been damaged by humans, that the forces of nature and the Universe are forced to act radically, and soon the turning point will be felt in the four cardinal points, for the sake of the paradise that is this planet with all its beings and something else…

Transcendental Love Hug,


Alain Tello Robledo Transcendental Spiritual and Healing Retreats


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As it is defined commonly, symptom is the revealing manifestation of a disease. It is a sign or hint of something that is happening or will happen.

A person realizes that is “sick” when symptoms appear, sometimes strong symptoms as headache, high fever, or more subtle such as tiredness, apathy, etc.

But, before a symptom appears, there is an internal “energy” imbalance. Imbalance generated by having to adapt to a meaningless lifestyle that is disconnected from the essential.

In general, modern medicine recognizes diseases but only treats symptoms. This is how chronic patients are created, who are large consumers of medicines that only relieve symptoms.

When symptoms disappear, both doctors and “sick patients” think that he/she has been cured. What simplicity!

Those who suffer symptoms regularly are considered chronically ill. They are invited to take medicines every day to relieve or eliminate symptoms. They are automatically labeled as sick people forever.

Resigned patients consume more and more medicines as symptoms tend to increase over time, as internal imbalance is growing too, because of wrong adjustment to destructives lifestyles and fake realities.  Also symptoms get worst being body’s defenses “immune system” detrained or annihilated. Low self-esteem or resignation does not help at all for having to live as slave of “diseases” because of the fear / ignorance to change, for not having paid attention to one’s inner voice and identity on time.

A great and loved person of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) told me one day, there are no diseases, only sick people.

It is very good and necessary to treat symptoms to avoid unnecessary suffering. But the words disease and sick should disappear from human’s language. In the animal kingdom they do not exist.

True healing can only be within oneself. When the internal balance is really restored, automatically the immune system will become more and more trained to defend ourselves.

Illness appears because of disconnection from the source, as I explain in my fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.

The greatest internal imbalance of a person appears and grows when one lives following his/her social identity believing it is the true one; without realizing that social identity is just an invention created by ignorant and arrogant human minds that walk to the opposite direction of nature and destiny of the universe.

Internal balance can only exist when one walks with total ignorance at first, following the steps of intuition that will guide to one’s heart. Then the essence and true identity of one’s will be revealed discretely and patiently, through the materialization of one’s transcendental intentions to unite and live in harmony.

There can be no peace in this world if there is no peace in every heart of all beings that inhabit it.

“Generalized diseases” followed by thousands of symptoms, are the result of internal division of human beings, victims of an incoherent system…

Transcendental  Love  Hug to all desiring hearts for a better world,

Alain Tello Robledo
Transcendental spiritual retreats of ancestral healing
0034 655401044




Ten years ago!

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Ten years ago!

During the spring of 2009, AtelTrainer was born.
A few months after I finished my collaboration as an executive member of the 32 America’s Cup. Starting an episode of uncertainty as a newly unemployed.

Everything started in the most spontaneous and not at all reflected way, contrary to my many years as a professional who studied and analyzed every detail, every business and commercial action.

On a weekend of leisure, while doing open kayaking in the rough waters of the Cabriel river, I injured my left ankle in the dumbest of ways.

During the pertinent rehabilitation, so many exercises meant to recover the mobility of the injured joint revived in me my sports knowledge as a karate and sports instructor which were hidden in the background of my mind, behind so many years of professional memories.

One day, Massiel accompanied me driving the car on the way to visit her family. Sitting in the passenger seat, watching the landscape fly by without focusing on any particular detail, meditating with my eyes open, I broke the silence saying, “I am going to create a personal trainer company!” I was surprised to hear my own words. Thus began my new journey, which was nothing more than my “awakening”.

In very few years, and accompanied by my four books in which I have being sharing the evolution of my transcendental knowledge, I went from a personal trainer to a transpersonal trainer, to a transcendental trainer, and finally to what others say I am at this moment…

Thank you for having joined me during these years, until I moved away from all of you, family, friends, society, to live in connection with the All, far from religions and mundane beliefs.

While approaching myself I walked away. You cannot be in two places that opposite at the same time (mind or heart / essence).

Now I share ancestral healing retreats with the people prepared to transcend ♥ for a better world …

In the no search you will find yourself♥

Transcendental Love hug,


Alain Tello Robledo



Transcendental Experience ♥

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Transcendental Experience ♥

Professional experience is sought to perform tasks effectively and efficiently, putting into practice the theoretical knowledge learned, and be valued for it.

Life experience is required to avoid problems and live happily. When in fact “difficulties” are nothing but the mirror of our mental rigidity.

Experience as we know it grows by doing the same things, or solving similar situations, learning from practice. Whether the aim is professional or personal, the goal is always to improve at an aesthetic, operational and/or economical level.

It is the experience of getting something external with excellence.

It is an experience that stagnates on a personal and spiritual level.

Experience based on knowledge that tomorrow will be obsolete due to the non-stop technological, social and business evolution, that change according to economic interests, and are disconnected from transcendental evolution.

The search for “social” experience makes people focus only on the object to be manufactured or on the situation to be solved, seeking the so rewarded excellence. It is the pursuit of perfection.

It is the experience that seeks recognition, comfort and safety as a reward.

The more “social” experience, the more “false” tranquility arises.


But personal and spiritual growth will only increase as one does things that are far from all acquired experience, from their good intention, and following the voice of intuition.

What makes someone grow more? Perfecting oneself by doing the same things, or by doing new and important things?

Fears make people not dare to make changes, to do truly new things. To live a new life. Just thinking about it worries them!

Most people prefer a comfortable, safe, and boring life made up of a lot of distractions, rather than discovering their potential by walking towards new horizons following their intuition, mission of life. They are victims of the slavery of Fear!

A life that fills the mouth with lots of “ifs” in old age.

A life, whose greatest adventure is lived in dreams through cinematic, fictional heroes. That stops them from being the protagonist of their own existence.

Transcendental experience invites you to stop looking for perfection to connect with the satisfaction of daring to do new things every day, as every day we are surprised by the changing rays of the sun, the walk of the drunk clouds, and the changing winds.

The transcendental experience of being eternal apprentices breaks the limits that the fearful mind wishes to impose for fear of the unknown and of making mistakes. ♥

“Social” experience is necessary, but only to later on give way to intuitive experience that doesn’t expect to know before doing. Liberation! Connection!

Transcendental experience pays attention to ancestral universal knowledge that allows us to maintain the harmonious balance between all beings and nature. Taking care of our wonderful planet that is dying because of the “social” experience of our modern, ignorant society ♥

Transcendental experience only promotes the union between all beings of all dimensions, based in transcendental love ♥

The greatest and most liberating experience is to act and do, from the harmonious intention, without expecting to have initial experience. It is to be the apprentice who wishes to learn how to learn in order to continue learning, since existence does not repeat itself in order not to give way to dominate it, to fall asleep, or to get bored. This is fully living ♥

Personally, my life after more than half a century does not follow at all the inertia of my extensive professional and personal experience acquired by so many years of executive adventures ♥
I feel like an eternal apprentice that discovers himself every day at every moment, by being one with my own intuition ♥
The doubts of the past are my certainties now ♥

“Union-Coherence!”, which is no more than the mind and the “heart” that walk embraced towards to the same destiny, united by a mission to fulfill ♥

The world needs everyone to develop their own transcendental experience to maintain the balance of peace and harmony in this endangered paradise ♥

Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

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