Audio Author’s notes Nº26 -Utopia, erroneous and limiting meaning

Utopia, erroneous and limiting meaning


For fear of change and the unknown, something that could be attained is labeled as a “utopia”, thus creating a barrier that blocks the way to a better yet unknown reality. Social reality is invented and disconnected from the Existence that governs life on Earth: seas, rivers, forests, flora, fauna and human beings.

The word utopia, born in a very distant past, whose sense of ideal/impossible has kept conservative societies stuck in their beliefs and customs, not daring to try to achieve it for fear of the great change, for fear of losing the established, the comfort…, and for fear of the unknown. Hence the Spanish proverb “A known evil is better than an unknown good”.


The transcendental answer to this saying is “Look where having followed these words has led humanity and the Planet, the evil you know has led us to the worst.”

After so many centuries of supposed evolution, today we all begin to suffer the destructive consequences the nonsensical evolution of human beings has on the Planet and all beings who inhabit it. All for having imposed rational limits in their evolution to continue feeding fear, individual and collective selfishness, and for refusing to believe that something better could exist.


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The lost mind isn’t responsible for collective ignorance, it is its victim.

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