Aire Verde Rural Mountain Guesthouse

🌿 Aire Verde Rural Mountain Guesthouse 🌿

🌿 The initial inauguration date was scheduled for March 2023, but due to delays from the public administration it is being delayed. Soon we will communicate the new opening date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

DIC “Declaration of Community Interest”

The centre is set on 234,000 m(2,475,699 Ft2)of magical land where Spanish settlements have made a space for us in its beautiful landscape… Read more

Aire Verde Guest House in Spain “Universal Knowledge” has set up in Hortunas, in the region of Requena, just 80km away from Valencia City and, 20 minutes on the High-speed train (Requena- Utiel, on the route Madrid-Valencia).


Ancestral Healing Therapies (AtelTrainer Center)


Training in Transcendental knowledge (AtelTrainer Center)


Ancestral Healing Course (AtelTrainer Center)

People who wish to enjoy a kind but intense experience, where coexistence is nourished by sincere respect for oneself, for the environment, for all beings living in it… will find in AtelTrainer the universal answer to live in harmony with the Whole.


No religious, sectarian, political or intellectual doctrine conditions. Only common sense, observing our environment from the deepest free feeling, and from transcendental love…


Intention to also create AtelTrainer Centers in Vermont (USA), South Korea,…


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