100% effective

100% effective Ancestral Healing. Essence to Essence, if the person is ready to transcend.

Healing of:  anxiety, depression, sadness, allergies, cancer…

How do you know if you are ready to receive the Ancestral Transcendental Healing, Essence to Essence ?


If after visiting the www.ateltrainer.com website with interest, you feel that I can help you.


If after calmly reading  the fourth AtelTrainer book titled “Transcendental Love Ancestral Healing“, you understand  the Transcendental Ancestral healing mechanisms through deep feeling.


If after reading or listening to the author’s notes, especially the author’s note on “Good and Evil“, you feel your mind relax.


If you feel pleased and exited after reading the “The New World” text.


If you deeply feel  that I can help you, then you are ready to be healed completely, and forever.


After a short talk on the phone or WhatsApp, I will feel if you are ready to receive the deep Ancestral Transcendental treatment.


A 90 to 180 minutes consultation and treatment is usually sufficient. It can be done either at AtelTrainer’s Cabinet in Mislata, Spain, or in AtelTrainer’s Transcendental Ancestral Healing Center in Hortunas, Spain.


Liberation is the opposite of loyalty !


More information about Transcendental Ancestral Healing Therapy, Click here


Transcendental Love Hug


Alain Tello Robledo

Founder of AtelTrainer

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