Do you live to eat?

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Do you live to eat? Or you eat to live?

From overweight and food excess restlessness, comes the colloquial expression “live to eat or eat to live”, more to seek solace than a solution or answer to an emerging existential doubt.

Whatever may be said, regardless of the answer or affirmation that one gives, the great majority of people ” live to eat”, since food and drink have become a pleasure and anxiolytic remedy; because of the disconnection with the pleasure of living in the magic life.

Learning how to live and feel from the heart, far away from traditions and acquired customs, and having fed the Soul in connection with the Universe,  will decrease your need to eat . Only will remain the necessity for food to live.

It is said that in the past, food was scarce and people lived to get food in order to survive. Nowadays, there’s enough food for everyone, but it is badly distributed by hidden interests…
Unfortunately, “the suffering of many, makes the joy of few”.

You cannot deceive your mind, but you can decide to not depend on your thoughts, transcending them.

In my three books, I mention the evolution of food. Your personal growth relies on living in connection with the Universe to re-balance mind, body and spirit.

I wait for you this summer 2017 during weekly spiritual retreats. Laic and secular context.

Transcendental love hug from my permanent retreat…

Alain Tello Robledo


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