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AtelTrainer’s philosophy

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I dreamt with the stars when I was younger, watching our warm and marvellous planet travel hastily through the cold and silent universe

We are born full of life

We give and receive universal love in each gesture and kind word

We flee from disharmony and the war to be in peace

 As an adult, I dream for a world of sense

The AtelTrainer Method is the blend of many sporting and spiritual disciplines, many of which are ancient and moved by the need to research and adapt them with profound respect to modern times which light the way of humanity in this third millennium, I would like to thank my Masters and their Masters…

My deepest respect for everybody who has decided to develop and share their lives with sincere techniques and the philosophy of life for a universal well-being…

I am eternally grateful!

Your friend,

Alain Tello Robledo

Humanist Holistic Secular AtelTrainer Center, Ancestral Healing

AtelTrainer Method:       Book I Psycho-Fitness Holistic       Book II Zen Sport    Bool III Transcendental Training


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