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Do you live to eat?

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Do you live to eat? Or do you eat to live? It is the “philosophical” dilemma which concerns mundaneness.

From the restlessness motivated by an excess of weight and food consumption, stems the colloquial expression “live to eat or eat to live”, intended more towards seeking solace than a solution or answer to an emerging existential doubt.

Whatever may be said, regardless of the answer or affirmation that one gives, since food and drink have become a pleasure and anxiolytic remedy the great majority of people ” live to eat”; as they have become disconnected with the pleasure of living in this magic life.

Learning how to live and feel from the heart, far away from traditions and acquired customs, and having fed the Soul in connection with the Universe,  will decrease your need to eat . Only will remain the necessity for food to live. Such magic, full of ups and downs, as life itself, but contemplating the avatars of existence from transcendental feeling and living.

While living from the feeling, far from traditions and imposed customs, keeping one’s soul fed and cared for by the Universe, the motivation to eat just for pleasure is greatly reduced. The “sacred” sustenance that Mother Earth selflessly gives is only consumed out of need.

It is said that in the past, food was scarce and people lived to get food in order to survive. Nowadays, there’s enough food for everyone, but it is badly distributed by hidden interests…
Unfortunately, “the suffering of many, makes the joy of few”.

You cannot deceive your mind, only live without depending on your thoughts, transcending them.

In my three books, I mention the evolution of food. It all relies on living in connection with the Universe to re-balance mind, body and spirit.

I wait for you this summer 2017 during weekly spiritual retreats. Laic and secular context.

Transcendental love hug from my permanent retreat…

Alain Tello Robledo


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Fashion, the flock’s law!

Fashion, this social phenomenon that dictates people’s good taste for a, supposedly, better quality of coexistence.

Each social class, each age group, has rules for how people should dress, how they should look, what car they should drive, what phone to have, what to drink, who to meet, which restaurants to go to, where to go on vacation to relax and enjoy, how to speak, write and behave when communicating… In short, fashion rules most people’s lives in our current society…

It’s society’s law in order to be accepted! Accepted by that same consumerist system. Fashion changes according to the interests of unscrupulous multinational corporations.

Some decades ago, in Japan it was fashionable for women to have black teeth and white faces, now it’s the opposite. Some decades ago, smoking was a sign of distinction. Now, those who smoke are prosecuted as if they were delinquents…

The fear of being the  “black sheep” of the family, of being criticized by the conditioned mass, does not allow a lot of people, hopefully the majority, to express themselves sincerely, authentically, according to their true identity, without makeup nor disguise. Undoubtedly, the assets of multinational corporations would be endangered and governments would find their manipulation power considerably reduced, but society would win in creativity, in diversity, in plurality, which is required by evolution itself… Creativity and the evolutionary process come from the “collective individual”, not only from the collective group!

Living truly without fears, disguises, strongly reduces the excessive stress and unnecessary energy consumption, thus finding profound wellbeing and lasting health…

Worst! … where have we been taking humanity’s cart with our frenetic run(1)?

(1) in the literal and figurative sense

Sincere and warm hug from AtelTrainer Method to inspire you for a better World…

Your friend,

Alain Tello Robledo

The AtelTrainer Centre in Spain “Transcendental Training, Ancestral Healing process…” has set up in Hortunas, in the region of Requena – Spain, just 80km away from Valencia City and, 20 minutes on the High-speed train (Requena- Utiel, on the route Madrid-Valencia-Spain).

Transcendental Talent

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The Transcendental Talent!

In Spanish the word “gift” (ability) has a deeply religious connotation as it is defined as “the special grace or ability to do something, either natural or supernatural, that the christian believer possesses and is given by God”.

I feel like this expression should have a broader meaning other than these definitions conditioned mainly by religion… All beings come to this world with an “innate gift” which justifies their existence and experiences. You could then change the word “gift” by “life mission”.

Apple trees have as their main mission “talent”, offering apples. Cherry trees, cherries. Bees, pollinating and offering some of their honey. Cows lovingly sharing their milk. Predators such as lions, wolves, eagles, maintaining the balance between all beings and nature for transcendental harmony.

These are simple examples of generic gifts that help maintain the global balance of the planet, where human beings are the “guests of honor”… unfortunately “of horror” as they don’t understand their mission, gift of life, gift of the Universe.

If there is a “race” on this planet whose individuals are born with a “Transcendental and Personal Gift” in order to enjoy the Universe’s paradise that is planet Earth, it is the human race.

We could say that human beings don’t cooperate directly with nature to create the global balance on this planet, but as “guests” of existential harmony they should take care of Nature to help maintaining the fragile existential equilibrium.

Humans enjoy their lives thanks to other beings that unfortunately are slowly disappearing, suffering from the ignorance and darkness of the human mind.

The “generic gift/talent” of human beings is to love. Love and care for those who care for you. To love and care for Mother earth who materializes the here and now. To solemnly love the Universe, the origin and end of the All.

Beyond the “generic gift”, each person is born with a unique evolutionary seed, complementing the ones that were inherited through the genes… This “evolutionary seed” that is very present in newer generations, will allow them to live in harmony among all beings in this paradise.
Living a longer life, being healthier, uniting body, mind and spirit, are their main missions.

Each person has a “Transcendental Talent” to re-unite and not to divide, starting with oneself.
This is the Gift of the Universe, Gift of creation, Gift of life itself. The energy that liberates each individual’s “Transcendental Talents”, is disinterested and profound Love for the good of the All.

My main “Transcendental Gift” is to help others to discover their own “Divine Gift”. Hidden gifts, silenced by a conditioned life… by so many traditions and fears.

Each “Divine Gift” is like a link from the chain of balance that is maintained thanks to the interactions of all beings, from the bee to the human.

To live away from our “mission of life” is to open the door to discomfort, restlessness, disease… Looking for distractions for being existentially lost…

With the publication of my three books of  the AtelTrainer Method, I offer a guide to recover the hidden “Gift”: “Psycho-Fitness Holistic “,  “Zen Sport” , “Transcendental Training”.

Thank you for sharing!

… lots of energy is required to swim against the current… but soon rivers will change their course…

A sincere transcendental love hug,

Alain Tello Robledo



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