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Presentation of Luna

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Moulin’s presentation

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Audio Author’s notes Nº21

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Good and evil Index:
Good and evil introduction:
Education: Sexuality:
Transmission of values and traditions:
Food and diets:
Physical activity through sport:
The relationship with life and death:
The origin of evil Audio-visual series of AtelTrainer’s author notes. Transcendental knowledge transmission for ancestral healing. Spiritual transcendental retreats and training in ancestral healing,

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Good and evil

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Good and evil,

does not exist!  It is invented!

Definition of good according to the French dictionary Larousse:

What a moral rule prescribes, as opposed to what it condemns…

Definition of evil according to the French Larousse dictionary:

That which is contrary to good, to virtue; that which is condemned by morality…

Since time immemorial, many philosophers and thinkers have addressed this question which manipulates, judges the actions and behaviours of other individuals, and of oneself.

The morality of good and evil is created by the human mind, which is the core of the rules that govern social movements. It is the source of all irrational fears.

Religious beliefs have accentuated the need for good and evil to direct believers to God…

Non-religious beliefs still have the roots of those same beliefs buried deep in their genes (DNA), though they are masked by a more or less superficial secularism.

The morality of good and evil has displaced the regulatory power of common sense. 

Common sense is hidden behind so much rational knowledge, and it only manifests itself in rhetoric and advices, but not to harmonise the thoughts and actions of dubious people. 

Today’s actions are controlled by so many norms and values based on the morality of good and evil. 

In any case, the sense of right and wrong is the source of all irrational fears, whatever they may be.

Human evolution has advocated for the evolution of the mind, and has forgotten the importance of cultivating the connection with the energy that gives life to bodies and minds (intuition).

Since the dawn of humanity, the search for fame and power, to protect oneself from others and from existence itself, has developed the morality of good and evil to control other people through religions and pagan beliefs in the past, and nowadays through worldly beliefs and social movements.

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Transcendental Euthanasia

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Transcendental Euthanasia.

By AtelTrainer, from the Valley of Hortunas, Spain ♥ ︎

After other countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and Colombia have decided to legalize euthanasia for years, Spain has just approved it at the end of 2020, promoting public opinion division. 

Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, in some US states and in Australia.

Euthanasia, a procedure performed by a physician to hasten the death of a terminal patient, is encouraging moral, ethical, spiritual and religious confrontations.

From the transcendental vision, far from known spirituality and religious beliefs, both Euthanasia and assisted suicide, as conceived, have no reason to be. 

The Existence gives life to the body-mind at its birth and Essences are its identity.  

A person, an animal with consciousness owes its life to its own Essence. 

It is the Essence who has to decide the moment when it has to withdraw from its body-mind. 

Human mind has no right to take the decision to kill another being, and less to kill itself, since it does not know the reason of things and of the existential sense of the Universe.

It is true that the Existence-Essence, energy that gives life, does not wish that minds and bodies of persons or animals suffer. 

One thing is not to let people and animals suffer, and another is to kill them. 

Medicine is already so evolved and necessary that it can prevent people and animals from suffering, whether it is a toothache or a terminal state.

A person in vegetative state, who gives no apparent signs of self-awareness, has their vital energy (Essence) flowing within them, even though their mind no longer responds, but their heart are beating from a wonderful dimension that human mind can never understand. 

In this state, a person does not suffer. Only their loved ones suffer and worry about not being able to communicate with them from the rational mind.

The person in this unconscious state feels and lives halfway between the two dimensions, dimension of  body-mind and dimension of the Essence (Eternal Existence).

In this state, the Essence is the one who has to decide when to leave “death”, as they have decided when to come “birth”. 

Essences will quit their bodies and minds when their mission of farewell to their loved relatives and friends is already fulfilled. 

People who care for, and/or have direct emotional ties to persons in vegetative state, will only have their consciousness released, if they have not interfered with anticipating the departure of the loved one in final farewell transition. 

To have been fortunate, to have accompanied the loved ones in their final earthly transition, is a blessing that will raise the consciousness of the accompanying person. Otherwise, emptiness and no existential sense, and guiltiness feeling, will appear for having anticipated the departure of the loved ones, and for not having accompanied them from sincere intention. 

When for reasons of distance or deep obligations, one cannot be at the side of the loved ones to say goodbye, that generates suffering. This sense of guilt quickly fades when from sincere intention one is with the loved person in the silence of the heart; that is enough to be at the side of the Essence who is saying goodbye. 

Loving every day without conditions is the love of the Essences beyond body and human-animal identities. There is only an earthly farewell, never Universal.

The final farewells of people and animals are made first from mental plane, and once the mind has died (vegetative state, irreversible coma), the farewell is finished from Essences’s plane who have withdrawn from the matter of bodies, with no room for words. 

Only selfish reasons, for not wanting to take care of the loved one, for false beliefs and existential ignorance, fears,  one decides to end life in order to be free of any emotional, material-economic or occupational burden. Mistake!

When people in terminal phase, or with very reduced quality of life, due to chronic pain or physical immobility, having their full mental consciousness, sometimes clouded by the suffering of leaving the earthly dimension, but being aware of their actions, decide to leave to end their suffering, we can talk about assisted suicide or voluntary suicide. It is the mind that wants to leave, not the Essence. But Essences do not want their bodies-minds suffer. Hence the importance of palliative treatments, pain-killer, induced comas to enable Essences to say goodbye at the right moment without seeing their temporary body suffering.

Let’s imagine that people being in terminal phase, that their relatives can consult with their essences, to ask if it is necessary to anticipate the departure of the loved one. If the answer is yes, then it would not be a suicide, because the Existence authorizes or requests it. It would be a transcendental euthanasia.

This is what we teach here, in the Cabinet or in Ateltrainer Transcendental Healing Center in Spain, or during international workshops and courses in ancestral healing we share along the year. 

We teach to prepared people to communicate with their own Essence and with the Essences of other beings. Not to die, but to live better.

The universal language of the Essences is the missing pillar in academic teachings, beyond scientific, rational understanding, far from all religions and human interpretations. I remember that science is the art of trying to explain what already exists in the Universe. To connect with the Essences is to connect directly with the universal transcendental knowledge without wanting to understand it rationally. There is only one transcendental knowledge for all Essences and minds, uniting us all with it. Only minds create interpretations of what they cannot understand, see, or touch.

Because being disconnected from the Essences, it is believed that earthly death is the total end, when death is only a transition to the beginning of all in different dimensions.

The mind and body live or die, but there is an energy who gives life to them, and it is not life itself, since life is created in all dimensions by one energy. This intelligent energy is called Essence.

Human being has created his own reality and interpretations of life and death for being totally disconnected from the Existence itself. 

Ignorance in a pure state that does not stop killing senselessly even those who care for us, Mother Earth and all her children (Animals, flora, seas, mountains, rivers…), killing those who keep the balance in this paradise that is the Earth.

Hidden behind humanitarian, ethical and emotional reasons, empathy, euthanasia or assisted suicide, it often hides selfishness and economic interests. 

No pain!

No suffering!

Science, the so much needed evolutionary medicine, already has the means to avoid pain and suffering. But medical assistance in palliative care has few resources and means, because society considers old age, and death process as something useless and unproductive for the economic system of our societies. Wrong! This situation, sign of transcendental ignorance, makes people afraid of getting old, and getting sick. 

Peace in mind can never be reached in that fear atmosphere. 

FEAR is the enemy of the immune system, exponentially promoting diseases and disorders, being the source of violence and collective aggressiveness that this world undergoes. 

FEAR keeps human’s mind very active, distrustful and alerted, disconnecting it from vital energy as consequence, as I explain in the fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing”.

Covid-19 is the consequence of such aggressiveness caused by human being’s fears, who has annihilated their own planet for attending to their ephemeral selfish ends, Nice common sense, right!

Nature defends herself by attacking back to recover the existential balance, and Covid-19 is just the beginning.

For fear of being invaded by neighboring countries, and to maintain economic hegemony at global scale, armies and arms races of deterrence are born at first sight, although in reality, every day there are wars in this world because of collective selfishness. 

With only a small percentage of spending on armies and armaments, every single being on this planet would be guaranteed a “painless” final transition. Then the fear of suffering and death would be eliminated, generation after generation, and the world would begin to live better in balance and harmony with the Whole ♥︎.

Euthanasia, yes, but not decided by human beings!

Assisted suicide, no! But not keeping people limited isolated and suffering.

These people have to receive more care and social attention than anyone else. 

These people, immobilized by their diseases or accidents, have much to say about existence once they are adapted to their “special” condition. 

Suffering arises from listening to the mind that only regrets what can never be again, for its social isolation, for feeling useless in the eyes of others, and for not knowing how to connect with the Essence who wishes to transmit a message so that others may live better. Evolution key!

These people can be the guides that science needs to understand what cannot be seen or touched.

Many of these people in “special” situations should be in front line as teachers in universities and schools, teaching the subjects of “transcendental knowledge” and “existence from the Essences”, far from human mind understanding, and religions.

Transcendental Love Hug,

Alain Tello Robledo

Audio Author’s notes Nº18

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AtelTrainer Author’s notes 18
Prostitution Radicalism
Transcendental experience

Audio-visual series of AtelTrainer’s author notes. Transcendental knowledge transmission for ancestral healing. Spiritual transcendental retreats and training in ancestral healing,

Audio Author’s notes Nº19

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AtelTrainer Author’s notes 19

Index: Transcendental economy Audio-visual series of AtelTrainer’s author notes.

Transcendental knowledge transmission for ancestral healing.

Spiritual transcendental retreats and training in ancestral healing,

Transcendental economy

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Transcendental economy 

In general, the word economy is used to refer to the science that studies and analyzes the mechanisms for the creation of wealth, at the level of the individual, the family, the region, country or even a union of countries such as the European Union.

An economist is an expert in economics who analyzes economic variables, aiming at economic growth. 

We could say that economy is the mechanism to generate more money.

From childhood, children are educated and lead to think that to be happy and accepted, you have to earn money and have a high purchasing power. 

First world children are required to learn the rules of the “social game”, to have the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled, to earn money and have economic resources way beyond their basic needs.

Third world children only have one option, to try to survive. For them, having their basic needs met is a great luxury. And being rich is a very distant dream on the horizon that fills refugee boats with lost souls.

This economy that governs and drives nations and individuals to enrich themselves no matter the cost, has led us to the current, unprecedented, world situation. The richer a few people are, the more the planet and all her beings are poor and dying.

In the past, the wealth of some (minority) created the poverty of others (majority). But now, there are many more rich people in the world who keep increasing the generalized poverty in third world or emerging countries, as well as in the “unprotected first world” social classes, at the same time that they hasten the annihilation of our planet, as destructive societies and unscrupulous individuals have usurped her resources and health, in their search for better economies. It is the result of selfishness in its purest form.

In our societies are not born children, but future anxious consumers. People who have been taken away from transcendental reality, to be guided by the world of manipulation, of fear. 

Everyone thought Mother Earth to be huge, indestructible and of unlimited resources. 
Most still think that each person has his own destiny. 
Mistake! Ignorance! Unconscious manipulation!
The individual destiny walks on the path of existence for all.

The “rich” person who, with their wealth, can’t find anyone or anything that cannot be bought, is the most empty and distrustful person on the planet, whose conscience survives, sometimes, sharing generosity out of fear, distraction or image. It is truly sad to doubt the love of your partner, thinking they might be with you out of greed. I have met people who were in this situation when I was VIP personal trainer in the past.

No human being can be as generous as Mother Earth, who gives everything, to all her children, without conditions. Her beings’ happiness is her happiness too. 

Here all beings share the same destiny, sailing all together in this wonderful ship that is the Earth, that sails at full speed through the known and unknown universe.

The fact that millionaires have grown by 10% in these months of pandemic where so many people suffer and die, says it all!

The economy-money is created by the mind to satisfy selfishness, to the detriment of its environment and its fellows. All for fear of losing its exaggerated and superfluous comfort and supposed safety. Many hide behind a hypocritical ecology and spirituality to be on the side of the “good ones”, but it’s all done with empty words and superficial actions.
The “good” don’t exist, but the grateful do.

The conscience of the mind is created out of fear of “karma”, hiding behind kind and demagogue actions. I do good to make up for evil. Evil being the chosen or imposed social lifestyle.

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Transcendental economy is based on the law of common sense and harmony. It is nourished by what unites us all, harmony, hugs, air, water, earth, sun, sky, rain, seas, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests, animals, stars, and the Universe… All this freely provided to all beings by Mother Earth and the Universe.

The transcendental economy values the important and essential aspects that life gifts us in this wonderful planet that is being destroyed. 

Unfortunately the Corona virus and something more severe and resounding to come soon, will awaken the few survivors of this long, blind, ignorant and destructive lethargy.

There is food for all beings on this planet. 

There is water for all beings on this planet. 

There is air for all beings on this planet. 

Building a house for everyone is free, if we all help build each other’s house. 

Sustainable and essential technology for all, to gently distract and connect people around the World, uniting the wisdom of the past with the law of the material and the spiritual evolution-essence of tomorrow.

Each person has to discover themselves and their innate gifts will appear. This is one of the profound meanings of life, learning to know oneself until the end of our earthly existence. 

May vocation be born naturally from early childhood and not just as an escape from a corrupt and violent system for sensitive, “rebellious” and courageous people.

All humans have an ego-mind, but still very few dare to live from their heart-essence. 

The mind is becoming increasingly agitated behind a thousand looping distractions, for having lost the connection with existence. Existential emptiness! 

Sickness, violence and sadness are the result of lost minds.

Minds united to their own essences live in absolute coherence, giving themselves to existence itself. 

Transcendental consciousness increases its union between mind-body-essence with the Universe and the Source of all, far from all religions and beliefs.

To live from the essences is to allow existence to manifest itself at every moment. What is received from nature is lovingly returned, maintaining the transcendental balance. 

Taking care of who cares for us should be the occupation of humans.

To truly live is to see with our eyes closed and to walk while allowing oneself to be guided by the heart without trying to understand anything, only trusting oneself in connection with what protects and guides us…

For most, intuition is something intangible, volatile, associated with luck. Since many years ago, I’ve lived 100% according to my intuition while being retired from society. 

My mind no longer pays attention to its own thoughts, only abandons itself to its own essence-intuition. Intuition is the universal language that guides all beings towards a world of union and harmony, and something else. 

Beyond the evolution of the human being, there is the expansion of the vital energies, essences-Universe. 

This is what we teach here at the AtelTrainer Transcendental Training and Ancestral Healing Center in Hortunas, Spain.

Here money does not open the door of transcendental knowledge, only prepared people with a mind willing to transcend, are welcome, far from all religion and sect. In fact, participants can only come once, at most twice. Customer loyalty is anti-liberation.

All our income allows our transcendental economy to continue to grow, to share what we perceive with all the prepared people, with our friends the sensitive and wise animals that suffer so much and also with Mother Earth. Every euro is shared!

I have water, I have food, I have a roof, and above all, I have the unconditional love of the Valley and all her beings, of Massiel, of Chantal, and of Sombra… My economy doesn’t need anything else for having transcended the superficial, valuing the extras as gifts of life.

Nothing is bad! Good or bad is the intention with which we move in this life. 

A gun with no intention to kill is just a piece of steel. 

Thank you…

Transcendental Love Hug,
        Alain Tello Robledo
Transcendental Knowledge and Ancestral Healing

Book 4: Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing

People are born and die, generation after generation, to the rhythm of earthly existence.

If Mother Earth were to die, she would die forever and so would all her children.

AtelTrainer’s book presentation (2020)

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The AtelTrainer Method is the method of anti-method. The AtelTrainer Method is a fusion of occidental and oriental techniques, from an universal and transcendental vision.

Alain Tello Robledo was born in Perpignan (France) in 1961, and moved to Valencia, Spain, in 1983.

He published his first book called “Psycho-Fitness Holistic” in 2012, which reflects on modern day sport and sheds light on how to achieve long-lasting well-being through calm movements. In 2015,
Alain published his second book, “Zen Sport”, an extension of the first book from a philosophical-practical point of view, based on holistic training.

In 2016, Alain highlights the need to look beyond ourselves to achieve physical, psychological and spiritual fulfillment, through the third book called “Transcendental Training”.

The fourth book “Transcendental Love – Ancestral Healing” is the continuity of Alain’s deep spiritual growth. It aims to transmit transcendental universal knowledge in order to recover the internal balance, to promote a self-healing process and more.
Alain has been retired from society for many years and he is focusing all of his resources on creating a transcendental, universal and evolved ancestral healing center in Spain, he is also working on opening new centers in Vermont (USA), Rishikesh (India) and the north of China. Alain has written the two last books while retired from society in the isolated valley of Hortunas, Spain.
All books are the reflection of Alain’s spiritual evolution, deep personal healing, and liberation. All proceeds will go to the constructions of new AtelTrainer’s ancestral healing centers worldwide, to transmit the transcendental knowledge that belongs to everybody but has been forgotten for centuries. Thank you.

Audio Author’s notes Nº16

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AtelTrainer Author’s notes 16

Index: Spiritual retreats…

Audio-visual series of AtelTrainer’s author notes. Transcendental knowledge transmission for ancestral healing. Spiritual transcendental retreats and training in ancestral healing,

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