Atel Fitness Zen “Outdoor”

Outdoor Fitness Zen

If you like working-out outside, training with other friendly people, combining Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilate, Gymnastic, Suspensión Training, Elastic training, Stretching, …

During the short Valencian winter, we keep training according to outdoor AtelTrainer philosophy in an exclusive center, and outdoor training on weekends.

AtelTrainer organizes outdoor sessions many time per week. Ideal to share this workout moment within a friendly group.

Managed by Alain Tello Robledo.

Meeting point: Area of “Jardín del Turia, Valencia, Spain” see Schedule”.

Timing: welcome, session, end. Last: 90 minutes approx.

Intensity: soft to medium.

Equipment required (customers): Fitness Clothes adapted to activity and climatology, fitness mat, towel, water.

Price: 7,00€

 Forfait of 10 sessions: 50,00€ (5,00€/session)

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Alain Tello Robledo