Agenda 2019 Transcendental Retreats♥

“Laic – Secular”


Transcendental Spiritual retreats of ancestral healing – Reduced assistance of 2/4 people.

♥ Personal (one to one) Ancestral Healing Retreat

This is a program of liberation, discovering and spiritual awakening. With the philosophy of a retreat/vipassana/yoga but from a secular context.

This program is optimal for training an individual “one to one”, but there is also the possibility of training two people (couples, friends) who are equally motivated and interested.

Link to one to one retreat program


♥ Weekends “Express” Retreats

Available during all weekends around the year. Except weekends already included in programs, booked… Minimum 1 person, maximum 2 participants in winter, 4 in spring/autumn. Ask availability. Posibility to stay few more days at 18€/extra day.

Link Weekends “Express” Retreats


♥ 2019 Easter Spiritual Retreat from April 18th to April 22d

Link to the full program


♥ Summer’s Retreats 2019

from 1/7/19 al 7/7/19
from 8/7/19 al 14/7/19
from 15/7/19 al 21/7/19  
from 22/7/19 al 28/7/19  
from 29/7/19 al 4/08/19
from 5/08/19 al 11/08/19
from 12/8/19 al 18/8/19  
from 19/8/19 al 25/8/19    
from 26/8/19 al 1/9/19

Price per person, 1 week:  500€
All included

Minimum 1 participant, maximun 4.

Link to the full program

♥ Autumn Retreat from 07/10/19 to 13/10/19.

Link to the full program


 ♥ Christmas’s Retreat in Spain

Group of 2 people.

Link to the full program


 ♥ New Year 2019 special Retreat from 29/12/19 to 1/01/20.

Link to the full program


All prices have VAT tax included

All profits are to finance the building stages of the Transcendental AtelTrainer Training Center, ancestral healing, laic and secular.

Thank you for helping us sharing universal knowledges.


Pics of Hortunas’ small valley

Pics of initial infraestructure by 2016

Retreats pics

Pics of last New Year retreat 2016

Our discretes wild and free dear friends…

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All  services and products, objects offered are handcrafted to finance the phases of  AtelTrainer Centers. Thank you.