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Fashion, the flock’s law!

Fashion, this phenomenon that leads behaviors of any social class at any age, makes people dress, look, speak, and think according to social established rules. Such rules undercover so many multinational and government interests to convey the promised happiness of consumers and citizens.

The society uses the ”to be in fashion” to say to people how they have to dress, to look,  what kind of car is better, what kind of people are better to frequent, what mobile phone brand is better to get, what restaurant is better to go, what vacations locations are better to travel to, etcetera…  if you don’t  want to be considered “weird” and be put apart from the others, from the actual majority…

As a conclusion, fashion is the law to follow if you want to be accepted in the consumption system of our global society around the world.

Many decades ago, in Japan women had black teeth and white faces to be in fashion. Now it’s the opposite.

Many decades ago, smoking was a sign of distinction, freedom for women and looking strong for men. Now, people who smoke are considered somehow as delinquents…

The fear to be the  “black sheep” of the family, to be criticized by the conditioned mass, do not allow a lot of people, hopefully the majority, to express themselves sincerely according to their authentic identity, personality, soul, mission in life, wearing no makeup, no disguise.

For sure, if people were living their real and unique life, multinational would lose money and government would face their manipulation power considerably reduced. But society would win in creativity, in diversity, in plurality, which is required by the evolution itself… The creativity and the evolution process come from the individual inspiration and effort shared and improved by the collectivity, but not only by the collectivity itself!

Living truly with no fears, no disguise, strongly reduces the stress, distress level and minimize the unnecessary energy consumption required to maintain the actual unbalanced lifestyle. Please, believe that a life with no unnecessary stress is a life of joy and durable health sustained by a deserved peace in mind.

We are living in a society system that promotes an unbalanced lifestyle making people sick, which is of great interest for the pharmaceutical industry.

Worst! … where have we been taking the humanity car on our frenetic run?

The appropriate fashion is the one chosen by oneself to be in harmony with oneself and with the Nature and Universe balance… sharing such peace in mind, deep and discrete happiness  with the entire World, Sky, Sun and Moon…

Sincere and warm hug from AtelTrainer Method to inspire you for a better World…

Your friend,

Alain Tello Robledo

The AtelTrainer Centre in Spain “Transcendental Training, Ancestral Healing process…” has set up in Hortunas, in the region of Requena – Spain, just 80km away from Valencia City and, 20 minutes on the High-speed train (Requena- Utiel, on the route Madrid-Valencia-Spain).


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